Our Top 5 NBA Props for Parlay Bets on Wednesday [12/27/2023]

Our Top 5 NBA Props for Parlay Bets on Wednesday [12/27/2023]

As NBA enthusiasts gear up for an action-packed Wednesday night, savvy bettors have their eyes on a tantalizing three-leg parlay that boasts a staggering +4143 in odds. Let's delve into the player prop bets that make up this intriguing NBA Parlay and the trends that validate each selection.

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NBA Wednesday Parlay Bets

1. Luka Doncic Under 10.5 Total Assists

The spotlight shines on the Cavaliers vs. Mavericks clash, and one of the key components in this parlay is Luka Doncic's assist performance. The projection sits at 7.8 assists, offering a tantalizing Edge of 15.4% with odds at +105. The supporting trend further solidifies this pick, revealing that Doncic has recorded fewer than 10.5 assists in an impressive 20 of his last 25 appearances. This statistical consistency underscores the likelihood of Doncic falling below the designated assist threshold, making the under 10.5 total assists a compelling choice.

2. Jusuf Nurkic Over 3.5 Total Assists

Turning our attention to the Suns vs. Rockets matchup, Jusuf Nurkic takes center stage in this parlay. With a projection of 4.1 assists, an Edge of 10.1%, and odds set at +130, the Over 3.5 Total Assists bet on Nurkic presents a tempting opportunity. The supporting trend adds weight to this selection, revealing that Nurkic has surpassed the 3.5-assist mark in 14 of his last 25 appearances. This consistent playmaking capability positions Nurkic as a reliable contributor in the assist category, making the Over 3.5 Total Assists an appealing choice for bettors seeking value.

3. Jalen Brunson To Score First Basket

The final leg of this parlay brings us to the Knicks vs. Thunder matchup, where Jalen Brunson is the focal point. With a probability of 13.4%, an Edge of 2.3%, and odds set at +800, the bet on Brunson to score the first basket injects an element of excitement into the parlay. The supporting trend sheds light on the Knicks' strategy, indicating that when they are in possession, Brunson takes the first shot approximately 75% of the time. This strategic inclination increases the probability of Brunson notching the first basket, making this prop bet an intriguing addition to the parlay.

NBA Parlay Tonight: Wed, Dec 27, 2023

Having simulated every one of Wednesday's NBA games over 10,000 times each, Dimers has determined the three best player props to use in a prop bets parlay.

Player (Team) Prop Bet
Luka Doncic (Mavericks) Under 10.5 Assists
Jusuf Nurkic (Suns)  Over 3.5 Assists 
Jalen Brunson (Knicks)  To Make First Basket

In conclusion, this three-leg NBA parlay for Wednesday night offers an enticing blend of statistical analysis and strategic insights. The odds of +4143 make it an attractive option for those seeking a high-risk, high-reward betting experience. The careful consideration of player prop bets, coupled with supporting trends, enhances the overall appeal and validity of each selection in the parlay. As the games unfold on Wednesday night, basketball enthusiasts and bettors alike will be eagerly watching to see if these player performances align with the trends that have been meticulously examined to craft this captivating parlay.

Nick Slade
Chief Content Officer

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