Best Home Run Props Today for BetMGM Grand Slam Jackpot - Saturday, June 8

Best Home Run Props Today for BetMGM Grand Slam Jackpot - Saturday, June 8

It's the weekend with MLB on deck which means it's time for plenty of home runs! We've got dozens of home run props available on full slate gamedays and we're highlighting two of our strongest HR probabilities for today.

If you're not aware, BetMGM Sportsbook has a sweet baseball promo every weekend centered around home run props

Here's the skinny: bet $10 on any player to hit a home run in any game of your choosing. Once you make your bet, you'll be automatically entered into their $50,000 Grand Slam Jackpot. If that player hits a grand slam in that game, you'll win your share of a $50,000 bonus bet prize pool, split amongst all qualifying users. Read the full contest details here, as broken down by Dimers.

Even better? The jackpot resets each day, so you can get three swings at a grand payout each and every weekend.

And that's still not all! If you don't have BetMGM yet, not only will your first $10 home run bet enter you into the $50,000 jackpot pool, you'll also receive three months of Dimers Pro access, courtesy of us and BetMGM.

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Who Will Hit a Home Run This Weekend?

While we can do our best to narrow down the ideal home urn picks by combining our Dimers Pro home run data, park factors and pitching matchups, we are largely at the mercy of the baseball and gambling gods to wind up in a grand slam situation, even with 47 grand slams hit already this year, 25 of them coming in the Grand Slam Jackpot promotional period, resulting in over $1,000,000 in bonus bets awarded this season, per BetMGM.

However, we can use a couple common sense factors to give us a slight leg up when making our pick of the day. Here are a few things to consider:

High Home Run Probability: This one is straightforward - pick players with the strongest chance to hit a home run. You're not looking for value here as much as you are looking for the most likely players.

Pitching MatchupsA key factor for any baseball bet, pitching matchups can reveal a lot about a player's home run chances. You'll want pitchers with a high WHIP - the more likely they are to allow runners on base, the more likely you are to see a grand slam. Similarly, you'll want a batter who performs well against righties or lefties based on the starter, and bullpens that allow lots of hits and home runs make good targets, too.

Middle of the Order: You can't hit a grand slam without getting to the plate and guys getting on base ahead of you. For that reason, you'll typically want players who are most likely to see guys on base and who are set up to see more at-bats. The further down the batting order you go, the more you move away from the ideal targets.

Best Home Run Picks - Saturday, June 8

As mentioned, you'll want to use the above factors to identify which players you want to back for your Grand Slam Jackpot entry. Below, you'll find the two hitters we've selected based on those criteria, but don't forget to check out all of the selections in Dimers Proto see if someone stands out to you.

Nolan Gorman (STL) to Hit a Home Run (+375)

Let's look at Cardinals second baseman Nolan Gorman to go yard today and hopefully clear the bases in the process. Gorman's got 14 dingers this year, including six in his last ten games. His Barrel % is in the 98th percentile and his sweet spot is at the very top 100th percentile.

Gorman gets a 24.0% probability to go yard today, one of the highest on our board outside the Phillies-Mets game. He's up against the Rockies Ryan Feltner, who's given up nine homers this year, six of them to lefties like Gorman, who has hit 10 of his homers off righties like Feltner. He bats fifth in the order.

Colorado Rockies vs. St. Louis Cardinals Betting Preview


Isaac Paredes (TB) to Hit a Home Run (+700)

Our second recommendation is another value play on its own with a small 2.8% edge on Isaac Paredes of the Tampa Bay Rays. Paredes isn't exactly a "slugger" as his home run metrics are on the low end, but he does have 10 home runs this year and he love dropping them over the left field fence - in fact, he'd have 13 home runs this year adjusted for Tropicana Field.

Paredes draws a 15.3% probability to hit a home run today vs. the Orioles. Nine of his home runs have come off righties which he'll face today in the O's Kyle Bradish. Batting fourth in the order gives us a prime Grand Slam opportunity.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays Betting Preview


Responsible Gambling

Remember to please gamble responsibly. If you sense that you're taking your luck too far, know when to call it quits and don't be afraid to seek assistance. Keep in mind that gambling is all about having a fantastic experience! If you or someone you know is grappling with gambling issues, reach out to 1-800-GAMBLER for crisis counseling and support.

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