Best Bets Today for All Sports [Thursday 12/28/2023]

Best Bets Today for All Sports [Thursday 12/28/2023]

Another great day of sports has arrived, with College Football on our radar as the most attractive option to bet on today. Thanks to data-driven simulations and machine learning, we have expertly pinpointed the top nine best bets for Thursday December 28, 2023.

Today's suggested bets come from a range of matchups, led by Missouri vs. Ohio State in College Football and Kent State vs. Saint Mary's in College Basketball, with our advanced predictive analytics model tirelessly aiming to dig out edges across various bet types.

With a lot of action to digest and analyze on 12/28, we've got your back. Our picks and predictions are here to make your Thursday easier, with our carefully selected best bets today presented below in order of the juiciest edge.

You can rest easy knowing that we continually update the best bets on this page all day long, ensuring that the plays we show are today's best bets to make right now, before the odds or lines change.

Plus, as it's late on the east coast, we're seeing more bets for Friday, so bettors can even get a head start on tomorrow's betting slate.

Each one of the suggested bets for Thursday 12/28 come straight from Dimers' legendary Quick Picks page, which offers you a number of useful filters. It's your own secret weapon!

Best Bets Today - 12/28/2023

After diving deep into the numbers and conducting thousands of simulations of today's action, DimersBOT, our leading predictive analytics model, has figured out the best bets to place right now on Thursday December 28, 2023.

College Football: Missouri +4.5 (-108)

Our model has pinpointed the best bet today across all sports, focusing on the College Football game between the Missouri and Ohio State. We recommend placing a spread bet on Missouri +4.5, currently offered at -108 odds by DraftKings Sportsbook. We have detected a significant edge of 10.3% for this particular wager, which makes it our bet of the day.

Remember, the outcome of this bet will not be determined until tomorrow. We strongly recommend taking advantage of these favorable odds while they are still available, as advised by DimersBOT.


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College Basketball: Kent State +9.5 (-102)

Our model has uncovered another standout bet, specifically in the College Basketball game featuring the Kent State and Saint Mary's. We recommend considering a spread wager on Kent State +9.5, available at -102 odds through FanDuel Sportsbook. We have detected a compelling edge of 9.0% for this particular bet.

Please be aware that this game is scheduled for tomorrow. We strongly advise you to make the most of these favorable odds now, as suggested by DimersBOT.


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NHL: Sharks +1.5 (+160)

Another top pick for Thursday's sports action comes from the NHL game between the Oilers and Sharks. The play here is a puck line bet, with Sharks +1.5 at enticing odds of +160 through DraftKings Sportsbook. Our model has found an advantageous edge of 7.8% for this particular wager.


College Basketball: Washington State +7.5 (-110)

Our next bet stems from the College Basketball game between the Washington State and Utah. The bet here is a spread wager on Washington State +7.5, currently available at enticing -110 odds through BetMGM. Our model has detected a noteworthy 7.6% edge for this particular bet.

Please be aware that this game is scheduled for tomorrow. We strongly advise you to make the most of these favorable odds now, as suggested by DimersBOT.


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College Football: Oregon State vs. Notre Dame Over 41.5 Points (-110)

Next up, we're looking at the Oregon State vs. Notre Dame College Football game. Our model has its eyes on Over 41.5 Points, coming in at -110 odds. When comparing the best available over/under odds at BetMGM to our probabilities, bettors are getting a tasty 7.4% edge here.

Remember, the result of this bet will be determined tomorrow. We encourage you to act swiftly and capitalize on these favorable odds while they remain available, as advised by DimersBOT.


College Basketball: Cal State Fullerton +3.5 (-115)

Another bet that our model has found an edge on for Thursday is Cal State Fullerton +3.5 in the Long Beach State vs. Cal State Fullerton College Basketball game. After simulating this matchup thousands of times, our model has identified a solid 7.2% edge for those who take the -115 odds available at FanDuel Sportsbook.


College Football: Arizona vs. Oklahoma Under 59.5 Points (-110)

Our next suggested bet to make on December 28 comes in the Arizona vs. Oklahoma College Football game, with DimersBOT detecting an edge of 6.8% on Under 59.5 Points. For the best odds on this particular bet, head to BetMGM, where you'll find an enticing -110 for this over/under pick to hit.


College Football: Memphis ML (+330)

We're looking at tomorrow's Memphis vs. Iowa State College Football game as a promising opportunity, with Memphis ML the value play here. At favorable odds of +330, available on FanDuel Sportsbook, you can gain an edge of 6.7% on the sportsbooks with this moneyline play.

Please keep in mind that this game is scheduled for tomorrow. We strongly advise you to capitalize on these favorable odds now, as recommended by DimersBOT.


College Basketball: UC San Diego -7.5 (-115)

Our best bets continue with the College Basketball matchup between the Cal State Bakersfield and UC San Diego. At odds of -115, UC San Diego -7.5 bettors can gain an edge of 6.0% based on the current BetMGM odds available.


Best Sports Bets Today - Thursday 12/28/2023

Matchup Bet Odds Edge
Missouri vs. Ohio State (College Football) Missouri +4.5 -108 @ DraftKings 10.3%
Kent State vs. Saint Mary's (College Basketball) Kent State +9.5 -102 @ FanDuel 9.0%
Oilers vs. Sharks (NHL) Sharks +1.5 +160 @ DraftKings 7.8%
Washington State vs. Utah (College Basketball) Washington State +7.5 -110 @ BetMGM 7.6%
Oregon State vs. Notre Dame (College Football) Over 41.5 Points -110 @ BetMGM 7.4%
Long Beach State vs. Cal State Fullerton (College Basketball) Cal State Fullerton +3.5 -115 @ FanDuel 7.2%
Arizona vs. Oklahoma (College Football) Under 59.5 Points -110 @ BetMGM 6.8%
Memphis vs. Iowa State (College Football) Memphis ML +330 @ FanDuel 6.7%
Cal State Bakersfield vs. UC San Diego (College Basketball) UC San Diego -7.5 -115 @ BetMGM 6.0%

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Next Matchups to Bet on Now - 12/28/2023

What Is an Edge in Sports Betting?

An edge occurs when Dimers' model projects the probability of an event to be higher than the best odds available. Essentially, it means that DimersBOT suggests a bet has a better chance of winning than the sportsbooks are giving it. That's why the higher the edge, the better.

Although an edge does not guarantee a win, taking Dimers' plays with a higher betting edge can increase your chances of being profitable in the long run. This is an essential aspect of being a successful sports bettor.

Make Informed Sports Betting Decisions Today - 12/28/2023

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While we strive to provide accurate and insightful betting advice, we always recommend that our users exercise caution and conduct their own research before using our daily betting picks or any other betting advice, as ultimately, it's up to each individual to make informed decisions that align with their personal values and goals. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER.

This best bets article has been partially generated using automated processes and AI technology. Our goal is to provide timely and accurate updates on the Thursday's sports action, and automation assists in data collection, analysis, and formatting. Human editing and quality control is performed to ensure the content meets our editorial guidelines.

All odds and probabilities in this article are correct and accurate at the time of publishing.

Kevin Hansen
Senior Sports Analyst

Kevin Hansen specializes in NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL content, using data-driven insights for sports betting. He provides simple, actionable betting tips to help bettors find an edge and pick winners.

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