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March Madness 2023 Predictions

Welcome to Dimers' March Madness 2023 Expert Picks & Predictions! Here, you'll find daily March Madness picks based on Dimers' predictive analytics, as well as all the in-depth NCAA Tournament analysis you need to maximize profits betting on March Madness.

Full-Coverage Predictions of the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament

As the exhilarating 2023 NCAA Tournament unfolds, Dimers offers fans and bettors expert March Madness predictions for every game of every round, from the First Four to the NCAA Championship Game. Our data scientists meticulously examine each March Madness matchup, as well as conducting 10,000 simulations of every NCAA Tournament game, to provide comprehensive insights into the 68-team field. From the early rounds to the Final Four, we've got you covered with March Madness picks and matchup breakdowns, ensuring you make the most of every wager with our expert March Madness predictions.

Expert Picks for March Madness 2023

At Dimers, our goal is to elevate your March Madness betting experience to the highest possible level, which is why our NCAA Tournament picks are based on a combination of machine learning and expert analysis. By employing the same tenets of predictive analytics that have pushed Dimers to the forefront of the sports modeling landscape, our experts can curate a catalog of the best-informed March Madness predictions available anywhere, such that only the best of the best appears on your screen. Better still, by comparing our NCAA Tournament predictions to current sportsbook odds, we can help you identify optimal betting edge, just one more tool to help you cash in on March Madness 2023.

How to Find the Best Underdog and Upset Picks for March Madness 2023

Finding the best underdog and upset picks for March Madness 2023 can be challenging on your own. Happily, by combining Dimers March Madness picks with the prudent NCAA Tournament betting strategies outlined below, you have a great shot of predicting the best underdogs and upset picks for March Madness 2023:

  1. Examine the facts. Look at each NCAA Tournament team's performance throughout the regular season, paying close attention to how they fare against tough opponents. Look for teams that have a strong record in close games and have demonstrated an ability to win on the road. Most importantly, pay careful attention to teams' recent performance, ideally in actual March Madness matchups, as this can be a key predictor of whether an underdog will come out on top in future NCAA Tournament games.
  2. Study the matchups. While recent performance is important, don't fall into the trap of believing that an underdog's latest NCAA Tournament upset should be the only factor playing into your March Madness predictions. Underdogs will typically play progressively higher seeds as the NCAA Tournament progresses, and a recent upset does not necessarily forecast similar outcomes on the horizon.
  3. Identify key players. For March Madness upsets to occur, underdogs will need huge performances out of top players. Before picking a March Madness upset, make certain, for example, that your team's best offensive weapon won't be neutralized by top defensive talent on the other side of the ball.
  4. Keep an eye on injuries. While this one may seem obvious, it nonetheless bears repeating: injuries don't always take place during a game, and you don't want to be shocked by news of a key injury after putting your money on the line. Fortunately Dimers' March Madness picks are constantly updated with this sort of information, so as long as you're checking our expert NCAA Tournament predictions regularly, you should have this one covered.

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