NFL Predictions

We run 10,000 simulations for each NFL game to predict the most likely outcomes and detect value against the sportsbooks. Get NFL picks and NFL predictions today here. Click on any Week 1 matchup below.


NFL Computer Picks

Using highly accurate computer modeling, Dimers has NFL picks today and NFL picks this week for every game in 2024, starting with all 16 exciting Week 1 matchups above. Using thousands of simulations, our computer analyzes the data for each and every game in the 2024 NFL regular season and playoffs, including the Super Bowl LIX on Sunday February 9, 2025, to provide NFL picks for you to bet on and become an expert.

NFL computer picks are more powerful than the average NFL projections that you come across because they factor in all of the data and information available for the 2024 NFL schedule, which gets underway on Thursday, September 5, 2024 with Ravens at Chiefs in Thursday Night Football. Using that data, we then run thousands of simulations with this information to produce projections of the most likely outcomes.

In 2024, it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen in any one specific NFL game, but by having our NFL computer predictions analyze thousands of different possibilities, the most likely situations and outcomes become clear and are shared here at Dimers.

Another benefit of NFL computer picks is their ability to take human emotion out of the handicapping process. It is common for NFL bettors to have certain biases about players or teams that may influence the way they handicap the game. Every time, Dimers' NFL computer analysis breaks down the data accurately and effectively without allowing emotion to cloud its judgment.

What is the best site for NFL predictions? is the best site for NFL predictions. Dimers gives 🏈 fans the tools, computer analysis and expert data to excel at NFL betting in 2024. Dimers Pro provides unlimited access to our site, so check out our NFL score predictions and best NFL bets today.

As well as delivering its NFL predictions for Week 1 backed by thousands of computer simulations, Dimers also lists the best odds and sportsbook promotions available in your state. This information gives you the power to get the best NFL odds on all of your bets so that you can generate the most profit possible on your NFL picks in 2024.

Some of the best NFL prediction sites make promises that can't be kept, such as guaranteeing winners or claiming perfect accuracy. In reality, no matter how big of an edge one team has in an NFL game, intangibles like weather, injuries, and even blind luck can affect the outcome of a game.

That's why Dimers not only uses thousands of computer projections to make its NFL selections, but we also share this data with you. We'll let you know if a team won the game and covered the spread in 53% of our projections, or 65%, so you can always make your own NFL plays with more data.

With all that being said, it's extremely important to us that our users practise responsible gambling when placing wagers on the 2024 NFL Season.

NFL Predictions

At Dimers, we feature our NFL Week 1 game predictions and NFL expert picks today for you to make the play. Our suggested NFL Week 1 bets are based on the edges we find against the best NFL odds from the legal sportsbooks in your state.

Every time you visit Dimers for Week 1 NFL predictions, you will be getting the most useful and up-to-date information available on the entire NFL schedule. Our computer simulations run on the most current data available, so whenever there is an injury update, NFL news, or a change in some other key factor of the game, our computer projections will update accordingly.

NFL Week 1 Game Predictions [2024]

Thurs 09/05

Ravens (41%)


Chiefs (59%)


Fri 09/06

Packers (50%)


Eagles (50%)


Sun 09/08

Patriots (17%)


Bengals (83%)


Cardinals (28%)


Bills (72%)


Steelers (42%)


Falcons (58%)


Panthers (25%)


Saints (75%)


Jaguars (38%)


Dolphins (68%)


Vikings (48%)


Giants (52%)


Titans (36%)


Bears (64%)


Texans (56%)


Colts (44%)


Raiders (40%)


Chargers (60%)

4:05 PM

Broncos (35%)


Seahawks (65%)

4:05 PM

Commanders (35%)


Bucs (65%)

4:25 PM

Cowboys (48%)


Browns (52%)

4:25 PM

Rams (40%)


Lions (60%)

8:20 PM

Mon 09/09

Jets (30%)


49ers (70%)

8:15 PM

NFL Player Prop Predictions

Dimers also offers more NFL predictions than just which team will win the game and cover the spread in Week 1. The thousands of computer simulations run on each game also reveal important data on the most likely stat lines for players in the game. This information can be used to make the best NFL prop bets in Week 1 based on individual performances.

All of Dimers' Week 1 NFL picks are listed with sportsbooks in your location that offer these wagers. The variety of options presented make Dimers an extremely valuable tool for any serious NFL bettors looking for an edge on their NFL action in 2024.

NFL Score Predictions

The NFL is a professional American football league with 32 teams, divided equally between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The NFL has a regular season of 18 weeks, with each team playing 17 games and having a bye week.

In 2024, the Bye weeks don't begin until Week 5 of the NFL regular season. This means that for the first four weeks of the 2024 NFL season, you've got a full 16-game schedule to take advantage of.

Dimers' NFL score predictions today are especially important during this early part of the NFL schedule. With so many roster changes taking place every offseason due to trades, cuts, free agent signings, and rookies drafted in the NFL Draft, most NFL handicappers need a few weeks to see how teams play before they can start making strong NFL predictions. Our computers cut right through that learning curve by simulating thousands of games and producing useful NFL analysis right out of the gate.

The majority of games during the 2024 NFL regular season are played on Sunday afternoons, though there are three notable exceptions to this rule: Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football. All of these primetime games feature intriguing NFL matchups between the league's top teams.

At the end of the regular season, seven teams from each conference advance to the NFL Playoffs, a single-elimination tournament culminating in Super Bowl LIX, which will be played between the AFC and NFC champions at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans on Sunday February 9, 2025.

NFL Score Predictions [Week 1]

Thur 09/05

Ravens 22 - 25 Chiefs

Fri 09/05

Packers 24 - 24 Eagles

Sun 09/08

Steelers 20 - 22 Falcons

Titans 20 - 23 Bears

Texans 24 - 23 Colts

Jaguars 23 - 26 Dolphins

Cardinals 20 - 27 Bills

Patriots 17 - 36 Bengals

Panthers 17 - 23 Saints

Vikings 20 - 21 Giants

Broncos 20 - 23 Seahawks

Raiders 20 - 23 Chargers

Commanders 19 - 23 at Bucs

Cowboys 22 - 22 Browns

Rams 24 - 27 Lions

Mon 09/09

Jets 20 - 25 49ers

NFL Picks and Predictions: Comprehensive Bet Types Guide

Dimers provides in-depth NFL picks and predictions across a spectrum of bet types, described in detail below.

NFL Moneyline Picks and Predictions

Our NFL moneyline picks guide you to make straightforward predictions. With moneylines, you simply select the team you believe will win. For instance, if you're looking to predict whether the Chiefs will outpace the Ravens in the 2024 NFL season opener, a moneyline pick is your go-to. This type of prediction doesn't consider points or handicaps. If the team you've chosen based on our picks wins, your prediction is validated. The odds can differ according to perceived team strengths.

NFL Spread Bets: Picks Against the Spread

Our spread picks and predictions help balance the odds. Bookmakers establish a margin (or "spread") that the favored team must surpass for successful bets. Let's say Aaron Rodgers' Jets are 7-point favorites over Josh Allen's Bills, according to our predictions, they must win by a margin greater than 7 points for your bet to win. On the other hand, a prediction favoring the Bills would require them to lose by less than 7 points or win outright.

Over/Under NFL Bets: Picks and Predictions (Totals Betting)

Over/under picks revolve around the collective score prediction rather than which team emerges victorious. With our picks, if the total for a game is pegged at 45 points and it ends 28-20 (cumulative 48), predictions favoring the "over" are successful.

Prop Bets: NFL Picks and Predictions (Proposition Bets)

For those looking to predict specific game events or outcomes in 2024, our NFL player props and predictions are ideal. Whether it's predicting Patrick Mahomes clinching another NFL MVP title or forecasting the first team to score a touchdown, these predictions add an exciting dimension to your NFL experience.

Parlays: NFL Picks and Predictions Combined

Our best parlay picks let you merge multiple bet predictions into a single wager, magnifying potential payouts. But the stakes are higher; one wrong prediction out of a combo can jeopardize the entire bet. For instance, predicting three team victories at the money line means all three must win for a successful parlay prediction.

Future Bets: Long-Term NFL Picks and Predictions (Outrights)

Venturing beyond immediate game outcomes, our NFL futures picks and predictions focus on longer-term outcomes. You can bet everything from predicting the Chiefs to defend their Super Bowl title, or if the Eagles will reign supreme in the NFC East. These prolonged predictions, given their unpredictability, often promise more substantial potential returns.

Super Bowl LIX: Early Predictions and Picks

As Super Bowl LIX approaches in 2025, the Kansas City Chiefs lead Dimers' predictions with a 12.1% chance of winning and +600 odds according to FanDuel. Their recent track record of success and strong team dynamics position them as the frontrunners, with a solid chance to achieve back-to-back championships. The Chiefs' consistent performance and strategic prowess give them a slight edge over other contenders, making them a popular choice among analysts and fans alike for clinching the title.

Closely following the Chiefs are the San Francisco 49ers, who hold an 11.3% chance and +600 odds with BetMGM. Known for their balanced and strategic approach, the 49ers are well-positioned to challenge for the championship. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions present intriguing possibilities as dark horse contenders. The Ravens have a 7.9% chance and +950 odds at FanDuel, while the Lions, with a 6.1% chance and +1300 odds on DraftKings, have shown significant improvement and potential. While the Chiefs and 49ers are the top picks, the unpredictable nature of the NFL playoffs means the Ravens and Lions could also make compelling runs toward the Super Bowl title.

Summary is the home of NFL predictions in the United States. Check out our NBA picks, MLB picks, and college football predictions while you're here, or see our best bets today across all major pro and college sports and the best sports betting sites in your state for the latest offers and promotions.

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