What Are The Best Sports Teams to Bet On?

Betting on sports is plenty of fun but it can be hard to know what team is best for each situation. That's where Dimers comes in, we like to be your friendly helper with all things sports betting. 

We've broken down which teams are best ATS, Moneyline, Over/Under and home and away in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA Football and Basketball. 

To give you a reasonable indication of the best team to bet on in each category, we’ve included statistics since 2019. 

The Best NFL Teams to Bet On


Against the Spread — Miami Dolphins (20-12) 

Brian Flores’ Miami team have been phenomenal ATS since his time in charge. The Dolphins covered the spread 62.5% of the time. 

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills deserve a shout too with a 21-13-2 record, covering 61.8% by an average of 3.7 points.

Moneyline — Kansas City Chiefs (31-6)

You should’ve guessed. The Chiefs have gone 12-4 and 14-2 over the last two regular seasons, and in total have won 83.8% since 2019. 

Their odds will never be big, but if you want to steadily make money, the Chiefs Moneyline are one of the safest NFL bets around.

Green Bay too were stellar in the last two regular seasons, going 13-3 in both campaigns.

Over/Under — Tampa Bay Buccaneers & New England Patriots

Over — Tampa Bay (23-12)

The Bucs have been high-powered under Tom Brady and even with Jameis Winston under centre, hitting the over 65.7% since 2019. What’s more, they generally smash the O, with an average of 5.7 points.

Under — New England (21-12)

Unsurprisingly, New England is the best Under bet in the NFL, with a 63.6% win rate since 2019. Bill Belichick’s squad averaged a comfortable 3.5 points under. If they land a competent quarterback, this may change.

Home — Green Bay Packers (16-3)

Aaron Rodgers and the Pack may have failed to reach the last dance again, but they are almost unbeatable at home, unless you are 43-year-old Tom Brady. Green Bay is good value for covering the spread at Lambeau, doing so by an average of 2.2 points.

Away — Kansas City (14-1)

What can’t Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid do? They pretty much win anywhere, anytime, any place. The Chiefs cover the spread by an average impressive 5.4 points on the road. 

The Best CFB Teams to Bet On


Against the Spread — Indiana Hoosiers (15-6)

Big Ten’s Indiana Hoosiers have been the best team at covering the spread in the last two seasons of CFB. They’ve covered by an average of 4.9 points, so, generally it’s a relaxing Saturday when spread betting on Indiana. 

Second to Indy, are the Oregon State Beavers (13-6), followed by Tulsa (14-7) and San Jose State (12-6-2). In fact, Indiana, OSU and Kent State are the only Power 5 teams inside the top 10 against the spread since 2019. 

It’s not always about the big boys when it comes to College Football betting.

Moneyline — Alabama Crimson Tide (24-2)

Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide have continued their dynastic form, winning 92.3% of their games since 2019. Only Clemson and Auburn have rolled the Tide in recent years.

Ohio State are just behind with a 20-2 record, and while that’s great for their fans, it isn’t fantastic for bettors given their short odds. Wagering big is the only way to make a big profit on Alabama and the Buckeyes. 

Over/Under — Virginia Cavaliers & San Diego State Aztecs

Over — Virginia (17-7)

Virginia may not be the best team in CFB, but they are incredible at hitting the over. Their 70.8% is the best in football and their +6.8 point average is the second best in College Football. 

Under — SD State (16-4-1)

San Diego are by far the best under bet in NCAA Football, with an astonishing 80% success rate. The Aztecs average a whopping 8.2 points under the spread.

Home — Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Clemson Tigers, Memphis Tigers, Cincinnati Bearcats (13-0)

Notre Dame, Clemson, Memphis, Cincinnati— all 13-0 — Ohio State (10-0), Oregon (9-0) and Miami OH (6-0) are all undefeated at home since 2019. 

So we decided to go back even further and the surest bet in College Football has to be Clemson at home. The Tigers last loss at Death Valley came at the hands of Pitt in November of 2016, with their undefeated streak sitting at 29.  

Away — Ohio State Buckeyes (7-0)

The Buckeyes are the only undefeated away team in College Football over the past two seasons. Their form on the road has been scary, covering the spread by a whopping 13.5 point average. 

The LA Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns are a great shout too, with an 11-1 record over the same period. 

The Best NBA Teams to Bet On


Against the Spread — Oklahoma City Thunder (58-38)

OKC have been kings of the spread since 2019, covering 60.4% of the time. They only just get it done though, maintaining an average of +1.3 points.

Moneyline — Los Angeles Lakers (82-30)

It’s no surprise to find the LA Lakers sitting on the throne. They’ve won more substantially more games over the past two seasons than any other NBA team. King James and company have won 72.3% of the time and win by an average of 6.4 points.

Over/Under — Detroit Pistons & Houston Rockets

Over — Detroit (50-34-1)

Incredibly, Motown’s lackluster basketball team is the best over bet in the NBA. You’d have thought the Milwaukee Bucks or Lakers were a shoe in. 

We must remember the over is about a team — or its opponent — scoring more than the expectations of the sportsbook. Detroit is either shooting the lights our or has the defensive security of a wet paper towel… we’ll let you decide.

Under — Houston (61-39-1)

Yet another surprise for sure. H-Town is now without James Harden, but The Beard was a big reason why their matches involved a very high over — resulting in them hitting the under more than any other NBA team.

It’s hard to predict whether this trend will continue for the Rockets, but for now they’re the best under wager in the NBA. 

Home — Philadelphia 76ers (39-3)

Denver Nuggets or Utah Jazz, right? Either of these two seemed a sure thing. The altitude, the hostile environment in Utah… well none of that matters, neither team is in the top five!

As for Philly, yeah we had to rub our eyes too! Their dominance at home is very understated but the numbers speak for themselves. Not only do they get the W, the 76ers get it done in style averaging a 9.6 point victory

Away — Los Angeles Lakers (36-8) 

King James and company are one of the most dominant road teams in recent NBA history, Their 81.8% win rate matches up with some of the best ever. They’ve by far been the best team on the road and have an average victory margin of 6.5 points.

Trust in LeBron and the Lakers next time they’re on the road. Our NBA Bet Hub will help you find the best prop bets, Moneyline odds before their next game.

The Best CBB Teams to Bet On


Spread — Southern Jaguars (25-11-3) 

The best money isn’t always on the biggest teams in College Basketball and the spread bet is a perfect example of this. Southern aren’t even the best team in the Southwestern Atlantic — some of you are no doubt asking what even is that. 

However, they’ve been the best against the spread, with a cover rate of 69.4% since 2019. This should illustrate that the spread isn’t necessarily the best option when betting on NCAAB

Moneyline — Gonzaga Bulldogs (48-2)

Was there any other answer? Gonzaga is the foremost powerhouse in College Basketball and with a 96% winning rate since 2019, you can see why. 

Incredibly, Gonzaga win by an average of 21.1 points, but only cover by an average of 1.6, so we suggest staying away from them on that front. 

Over/Under — Bellarmine Knights & Hartford Hawks

Over — Bellarmine (8-3-1)

They've been the most consistent team at hitting the over since the start of the 2019 NCAAB season, with a rate of 72.7%. 

Admittedly, their 12 games is a small sample size, so if you’re looking for an alternative, look no further than Gonzaga (35-15). The Bulldogs hit the over by an average of 5.3 points and are always good value for a high score.

Under — Hartford (34-13-1)

The team from Connecticut are the best in the nation for the past two seasons at hitting the under. They do so by an average of 5 points per game…impressive. Well, unless you play on their offense. 

Home — Gonzaga Bulldogs and Liberty Flames (25-0)

There’s a six-way tie for the best home records in NCAA Basketball since 2019. South Dakota State (21-0), Liberty and Gonzaga (both 25-0), Florida A&M (9-0), Prairie View (15-0) and NC Central (13-0) all hold a perfect record. 

They’re all very good bets at the Moneyline when at home. To truly find the best home team in College Basketball, Dimers dug deep into the history books. 

Prairie View and Gonzaga have both gone 100% since 2018, but Gonzaga have the longest unbeaten run — their last loss coming on January 19, 2018.

Away — Gonzaga Bulldogs (14-1)

Almost the perfect record yet again. Despite their short odds, Gonzaga are almost the perfect bet every time in the NCAA. If you are struggling to find the best odds for Gonzaga, we’ve got you.  

Their 93.3% record is rather obscene, and don’t worry the Dogs do it in style, winning by an average of 17.5 points.

The Best MLB Teams to Bet On


Runline — New York Yankees (134-104)

The runline is a tough baseball bet given the low-scoring nature of the MLB but if you are to wager on it, take the NY Yankees. 

The Yankees cover in 56.3% of their games since 2019. Interestingly though, they only get it done by an average of 0.2 runs.

The Arizona Diamondbacks, who sit third in runline efficiency, average the most runs by which a team covers; 0.5. This truly indicates how close a call the runline MLB bet can be.

Moneyline — Los Angeles Dodgers (164-81)

The reigning world champion LA Dodgers are your safest Moneyline bet ahead of the 2021 MLB season, if history’s anything to go by. 

The Dodgers have 19 more wins than the second placed Yankees in the past two seasons. LA’s win percentage of 66.9% is impressive but they could face bigger challenges with the San Diego Padres coming hot in the National League West. 

Over/Under — Pittsburgh Pirates & Cincinnati Reds

Over — Pittsburgh (119-91-12) 

Pittsburgh, despite their seemingly perpetual disappointment, will make you very happy betting the over. Since 2019, the Pirates have the best over percentage — 56.7% — in the MLB. 

Shoutouts go to the Boston Red Sox (121-93-8) and Seattle Mariners (119-92-10) who also sit within the 56% range for the over. 

Under — Cincinnati (127-87-10)

CIncy have not had much success recently, nor have their fans…unless you regularly bet the under. 

The Reds’ 59.4% conversion rate is the best in the MLB’s last two seasons, 3% ahead of state-rival Cleveland Indians. 

Home — LA Dodgers (83-33)

The champs have been unstoppable at Dodgers Stadium since 2019. The Houston Astros have also been phenomenal, with an 85-34 record in H-Town. 

The Dodgers average a 2.2 win margin, so if you’re looking for a comfortable home win, the Dodgers are the best bet. 

Away — LA Dodgers (70-43)

No surprises once again. They’ve been the best team across the last few seasons and continued that trend on the road. 

Their 62% win ratio is nearest challenged by Minnesota at 59.8%. What’s most impressive is the Dodgers also hold the best average winning margin of the period.

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