What Does Grand Salami Mean?

The Grand Salami is as fun as it sounds delicious. While it is known as a drool-inducing sandwich across America, it’s also a common prop bet in hockey and baseball betting.

Okay, so what really is the Grand Salami?

It involves total (over/under) betting across baseball or hockey matches on any given day. Total betting involves picking whether a game will have over/under the amount of runs/goals/points set by the sportsbook.

The Grand Salami involves over/under betting for all of the baseball or hockey games on the particular day. As a result, you are picking the over/under of all the games combined. Confused? You won’t be for long!


  • Pittsburgh Pirates @ New York Yankees — Over/Under 8.5
  • Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Phillies — Over/Under 8.5
  • Boston Red Sox @ New York Mets — Over/Under 9.5
  • Grand Salami — Over/Under 26.5

When you combine the over/under numbers across the three MLB games, you end up with a combined total of 26.5. Even if it were 9.5 + 8.5 + 8 = 26, you would likely see the Grand Salami set at 26.5, to avoid a push. You will often see sportsbooks offer over/under’s with halves in NFL or NBA betting to similarly avoid the push.

Regardless, you must decide if you think the six teams will combine for the Grand Salami — over or under 26.5 runs. Remember with the Grand Salami or any over/under bet, you aren’t betting on who wins. Rather, the amount of runs that will be scored.

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Where do I find the Grand Salami?

The Grand Salami will almost certainly be available in every sportsbook you ever visit and within every betting app. Every night there’s NHL or MLB action, there should be a Grand Salami waiting to be devoured. You’ll likely to find it in the hockey or baseball category of your sportsbook app.

How do sportsbooks create the Grand Salami?

Like any sports odds creation, it is never as simple as it seems. Most people tend to believe the Grand Salami is simply a sum of all of the games in action that evening. For example, if you had eight games with an over/under of 10 each, the theory would suggest the Grand Salami would be 80.

This isn’t how it works though. Admittedly, there are times when the sum of the individual over/under equals the Grand Salami number. However, like the setting of odds generally, sportsbooks analyze the weather, form, injuries, pitchers and other data before deciding on the Grand Salami. 

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Strategies to bet the Over/Under

In order to succeed with the Grand Salami bet, you must understand how to win on the over/under generally. 

The key is to assess the matchup itself. Will it be a low-scoring dogfight or are there two high-powered offenses about to put on a shootout? If you don’t have the time, utilize Dimers’ MLB Bet Hub and NHL Bet Hubs. The likelihood of the total, runline/puckline and moneyline bets will be assessed to give you the best chance of a payout.

Dimers uses a predictive analytics model which conducts 10,000 simulations of each game based on rosters, form, previous matchups and even weather forecasts. It's all to give you an unrivalled chance to make that winning play.  

What’s more, Dimers points out the all-important edge — where the probability of an event occurring is more likely than the sportsbook’s odds. In other words, our predictive analytics model suggests a team/player has a much better chance of winning the bet than the sportsbooks think! 

Taking these bets gives you a better chance of being a successful gambler long-term. Of course, the higher the edge, the better. While you’re not guaranteed a W, taking picks with an edge gives you a greater chance of being profitable well into the future. You’ll find every juicy edge in our Best Bets section.

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Betting the Grand Salami in Hockey

When betting the NHL over/under it’s important to have as much data to assess as possible. Particularly, you want to look at the injuries leading into an NHL match. If a team's playmaker is out, then you may consider the under. Whereas, if the back-up goalie has to come in, then the under may be your friend. 

As with any hockey bet, looking at the teams’ respective travel schedule is important. If your guys have been on the road for several games they may not have the same juice to chase the over. 

Betting the Grand Salami in Baseball

Baseball can be a little more complex in terms of the Grand Salami and over/under. Starting pitches should be critical to your decision making. Naturally, if you have all-star calibre pitchers out on the mound, the under may be too good to pass on. How the pitchers matchup against particular teams is also worth noting, no different to considering Patrick Mahomes’ struggles against the New England Patriots. 

Weather of course plays a huge role in baseball itself but in the Grand Salami too. Bad conditions — hello Milwaukee Brewers — mean the under is more likely. Be sure to check what direction the wind is blowing in because it could work in your favor for the over.

With baseball and hockey games on almost every day there are so many opportunities to bet on the runline/puckline, moneyline and of course, the Grand Salami

The best MLB and NHL odds are across numerous sportsbooks, so why not let Dimers help you find the best book in YOUR state? And because you’re a Dimer, too, we’ve sorted exclusive free and risk-free bets for you.

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