How to Make Live Bets on Golf

Golf is one of the less traditional sports betting options but in many ways it is more exciting than the competition. Traditionally, there are few options for golf betting before an event, but once it goes live, golf betting explodes and so too your options. 

You know golf betting — if not, level up— but what about how to bet on golf live?

It really is as simple as it sounds. While watching the tourney you can wager on who you think will win overall, a top 5 finisher and even what happens next on the next hole.

Want to understand live golf betting? Glad you asked, Dimers has you covered. Here's our guide on how to live bet on golf.

Placing your bet


Live golf betting isn’t too different to betting before tee off. You can still bet on the overall winner, various matchups, each-way and prop bets, though more options will now be available. 

Often you will be able to locate a live tournament through one of two ways; via a Bet Live section on your online sportsbook and/or betting app, or by clicking through to the golf category on the book’s site/app before locating it from there. 

Remember, all live bets are time sensitive, so if you’re not fast you may miss out! This particularly pertains to betting per hole.

Our golf Bet Hub has the best live odds for the PGA in the United States [link]. When signing up to a sportsbook, use our exclusive promotional codes to access free and risk-free bets.

Added options


The usual wagering options are available during live golf betting, but there are added offerings once teams are on the course.

With more options available to bettors, there is greater opportunity for you to find real value, catch sportsbooks napping and capitalize on juicy odds. Deep thought isn’t as readily applied to live odds, so if you can be quick, you could be lucky!

Friendly reminder: Through every major golf tournament (US Masters, US PGA, US Open, Open Championships) you’ll find live probabilities, as well as player prop bets on

Second-Chance opportunities 


Unlike most sports it can be days to establish whether a golfer where finish at the end of a tournament. However if your choice didn’t pay off live betting allows you to redeem yourself and perhaps choose a more likely victor.

Taking Advantage of Live Odds 


The beauty of live odds is their perpetually shifting nature, add to this a lack of deep thought in said odds and we’re on to a winner!

Within golf it isn’t uncommon for a favored player to fall behind by several shots before clawing their way back into the top 5, perhaps even a tournament victory. Don’t believe us? 

Across the last five majors, only once has the first round leader continued on to win outright — for those playing at home it was Brooks Koepka. 

Famously during the 2005 Masters, Tiger Woods fell seven shots behind before storming home to earn his fourth green jacket. Now, we know most golfers aren’t in the same galaxy as prime Tiger but the point still stands. 


Sometimes it’s best to wait for your choice to fly under the radar, even strangle before taking the plunge on them. Sometimes it will pay off big, and sometimes perhaps not but it’s certainly worth considering. 

Matchup Betting 


Matchup betting — also known as two/three ball betting — is available prior to tee off, although it kicks up a gear once the shots are flying.

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