How to Live Bet on the Premier League

There’s no doubt any Premier League match can be exciting but when you throw live betting in the mix, the fun goes up a level!

Even when those drab soccer games happen - because listen, sometimes they do - betting live can bring the excitement.

You know Premier League betting — if not, level up — but what about how to bet live?

It really is as simple as it sounds. When watching the game you can wager on who you think will win, the goal differential and even what happens next.

Want to understand and bet live on the English Premier League? Glad you asked - has you covered. Here's our guide on how to live bet on the EPL:

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Placing your bet

Often you will be able to locate a live game through one of two ways; via a Bet Live section on your online sportsbook and/or betting app, or by clicking through to the EPL category on the book’s site/app and locating the match from there. 

Remember, all live bets are time sensitive — if you’re not as quick as Sadio Mane, you may miss out!

Our EPL Bet Hub has the best live odds and probabilities in the United States. When signing up to a sportsbook, use our exclusive promotional codes to access free and risk-free bets.

What live bets are available?

Live betting exposes you to many options usually unavailable to the average bettor. The usual wagering options are available during a soccer game, but there are added offerings once teams kickoff.

The amount of live Premier League bets is quite frankly absurd, but that's great news for you! There’s always opportunities to find a bet which suits you and capitalize on juicy live odds offered by the sportsbook.

These are the types of bets available to you during a live EPL match: 

  • Next player to score 
  • Next team to score
  • Next team/player to receive a yellow card 
  • Both teams to score 
  • Next set piece (throw in/free kick/penalty/corner/goal kick)
  • Correct score 
  • Half Time/ Full Time — You must pick the correct score for half-time, whilst also betting the correct final result. Both scores obviously don’t have to be the same, but sometimes a game will have the identical score at half and full time. 
  • Draw No Bet — The tie option is removed here. You’re betting the home or away team to win. If your team wins, you obviously win too. If the match is a draw, your stake is refunded.
  • Double Chance — As it sounds, double chance betting involves predicting two of the three possible outcomes in a soccer match. In any game you will have three double chance options:
  • Team 1 win + draw (e.g. Manchester United and draw)
  • Team 2 win + draw (e.g. Liverpool FC and draw)
  • Team 1 or Team 2 win (e.g. Man United or Liverpool win)
  • To win to Nil — Your team must win whilst keeping a clean sheet (allowing zero goals).
  • Number of Teams to Score — Here you have three options: 
  1. One team to score 
  2. Two teams to score 
  3. No teams to score

With more options available to bettors, there is greater opportunity for you to find real value. Deep thought isn’t as readily applied to live odds, so if you can be quick, you could be lucky!

Friendly reminder: Every Premier League match on Dimers has live probabilities. What’s more, we provide you with odds from the most trusted sportsbooks in your state.

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Shifting odds  

Premier League odds can change within a game, particularly when a team gets hot or if the star striker is substituted. Odds change based on the scoreline, momentum, and injuries, amongst other things. 

This can be hard to keep up with and that’s why we recommend you monitor Dimers’ live in-play probabilities during the game, and before you place any bet. 

Our live technology — updating every 30 seconds — gives you real-time probabilities for betting the spread, total (over/under) and moneyline. 

The live matchup and probabilities of any Premier League game can be accessed through the scoreboards at the top of the Dimers website, the Live Now section and even the EPL section in Bet Hub.

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As mentioned, there are many factors which influence a quick change in odds during a Premier League game. It is nice to consider some of these variables before placing your bets. 


  • Injuries (Key players coming out can affect moneyline/spread particularly)
  • Momentum
  • Key player form 
  • Home/Away factor
  • Rest (Is a team playing after limited rest?)
  • Rivalries (Chelsea FC vs. Arsenal FC / Manchester City vs. Liverpool FC)

These aspects should be kept in mind when live betting on EPL, and if used alongside our live probability calculator, you’re a chance to gain a leg up on your sportsbook.

Premier League live betting represents one of the best ways to capitalize on great odds sportsbooks may have slept on. Give it a try whilst using Dimers’ in-play probabilities and best odds — via our EPL Bet Hub — to give you the best opportunity at winning your soccer picks!

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