Best World Series Betting Strategies

The World Series is the MLB’s biggest stage. If any baseball bettor wants to increase their chances of winning and truly immerse themselves in baseball’s next historic moments, then knowing the best strategies for betting the World Series is essential and has you covered.

Throughout this article Dimers will talk you through the most important things to consider and implement before making a wager with America’s best sportsbooks. Remember, there are options to bet on single games or the series as a whole, we’ll tell you how to navigate both sides, because we’re good to you like that.

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Previous matchups

These may sound obvious but there’s a little more to these aspects of the World Series. Previous games against the two World Series finalists may not have occurred during the MLB regular season, but it is smart to pay attention and read between the lines. 

Questions you should ask are; where and when did they play? Were the teams’ best pitchers and starters involved? How does its current form compare? 

Prior meetings aren’t a means of predicting the future. If we knew that, my wage would be a lot higher, as would yours! What they can do though, is highlight how the teams match up. It’s not always a case of which team is better, has a better pitching stable or better offense. 

No, sometimes a team’s strength exploits the weakness of its opponent, even though they’re overall not as talented or vaunted. Take the pitching crew of the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals unraveling the white-hot Detroit Tigers attack as a prime example.

If the teams haven’t competed, then your best bet is to look at similar teams they’ve played. Essentially, you want to look at how both teams competed against teams with a similar style. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers for example, have a formidable hitting offense, so it you studied how the other team performed against big hitting squads like the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, New York Mets and so on.

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Consider home-field advantage

Home-field is a big deal, don’t doubt it. The team with the higher winning percentage across the regular season will receive home-field advantage during the World Series, regardless of whether they are a Wild Card or Division series winner. 

If both teams have the same regular season record, tiebreakers are applied:

  1. Head-to-head record during the season
  2. Better record against teams in its own division
  3. Interleague record (NL team vs. NL teams / AL team vs. AL teams)

The Fall Classic is generally impacted by home-field, and can be a larger factor if a National League team has it. In case you’re unaware or just forgotten, American League pitchers rarely bat during the regular season. 

Only during interleague matches do they pick up a bat, which occur sporadically throughout the year. Pitchers taking to the plate with few batting reps in front of rabid home fans is never a good recipe for AL clubs.

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Trust the form

Obviously it depends what you’re up against. If the 1927 New York Yankees are in the opposing clubhouse, your form is pretty much irrelevant. However, for all intents and purposes, playoff form can give you a great read on what may unfold in the Fall Classic. 

It’s not just about the margin a team won by in their games, or whether they swept the previous series. Of course, those results matter greatly, but the eye test says a lot. Take the famous 2004 Boston Red Sox who looked to have the Yankees rattled after Game 5 of the ALCS. 

Coming into the 2004 World Series against St. Louis, the Sox were red-hot, and despite facing a stellar Cards ball club, Boston were riding a wave of emotion and history that was hard to ignore. 

If you don’t have the time or interest to focus on the form guide before the World Series or a regular season MLB game, check out Dimers’ MLB analytics and data driven probabilities before wagering with a book.

Be aware of differences between World Series and regular season

The World Series is a big beast. It’s the best in baseball playing against each other with the eyes of the world watching on intently. 

Unfortunately, the likelihood of catching a sportsbook napping by finding surprisingly long odds for a juicy payout are reduced. There’s a few reasons as to why this is the case. 

Firstly, sportsbooks only have (a maximum) seven games to worry about, so all of their odds will be usually air-tight. Second, both teams are likely to be very evenly matched and thus the games will generally be close.

If you are looking for the edge over the sportsbook before the World Series or any sports match, we have it sitting just once click away.

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Find value in the Prop Bets Market

Prop bets are some of the most fun you’ll have betting on the World Series.

When doing so we mustn’t forget, the public influences the pricing of odds heavily. Naturally, most people want a great Fall Classic, they want home runs galore and thrilling endings.

With this in mind, consider how realistic some of the over/under bets are, there could be real value if you think a pitcher will shut down an offense quicker than Trevor Bauer does trolls.

Finally, think about your prop bets in relation to your overall belief about the World Series.

If you think the Dodgers will win it all, betting the under on Mookie Betts’ total home runs probably isn’t the smartest idea. How realistic is it for those two results to occur simultaneously?

Now you’re well-prepared to bet on the World Series, so what’s next? Join a Sportsbook and start betting online! We’ve listed the best available welcome offers for each legal betting state below.

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