Best NBA Betting Strategies

With each team playing 82 regular season games, NBA betting can seem overwhelming even to experienced sports bettors. No need to fear though, Dimers is here to lend a hand. 

Whether you're trying to find a way to make money on Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets or simply looking to have some fun and get a payout, no matter who the team, we're going to help.

After you've signed up with one of the best sportsbooks in your state and deposited money into your betting account, you're likely raring to go. STOP, before you do anything read through the best NBA betting strategies for your chance to become the LeBron James of NBA betting – one can dream, right? 

Set a Bankroll

First and foremost, here at Dimers we believe in responsible gaming and want you to have fun while betting on the NBA. To ensure this happens, you should think about setting some sort of limit for the NBA regular season and playoffs. Perhaps that's too far ahead for you, in that case it may be setting a weekly or monthly limit. You get the idea now, so long as you stay in line with your bankroll and follow Dimers' best NBA picks you'll end up happier than Kyrie Irving burning incense.

Keep your options open

Yes, it's true. Here at Dimers we showcase America's best sportsbooks,  but why have loyalty to just one? It makes as much sense as LeBron James wanting to live in Cleveland! 

Sportsbooks exist to make money off bettors like you. Dimers wants to help you flip the script and take home some of their money. We'll show you the best odds for NBA and all major sports, all you need to do is select the best odds, use our exclusive promo codes, sign up and deposit. 

If you stick to one sportsbook, you're playing by their rules. Have loyalty like Kevin Durant, if they aren't doing it for you, move on, win and keep winning, no matter who with!

Be aware of injuries/load management 

Ah yes, load management – we see you Kawhi Leonard. Whether we like it or not, injuries and resting players are part of the NBA now more than ever. It can be difficult for bettors to keep up to date with the status of players across 30 teams with so many games occurring. Sometimes teams will make a game-time decision on a player, which may dramatically affect your bet coming through. 

That's why we recommend looking at the injury status and reports of teams/players before placing your bets. This isn't possible all the time of course, if a team has juicy NBA odds it can be hard to resist, we understand that. Think of this as a general practice and a means of enhancing your game knowledge – alongside Dimers' projected box scores, predicted spread, moneyline and total bets – before tipoff. 

Consider team schedules (travel/rest)

The NBA season is so crammed that quite often teams will play back-to-back games (meaning they'll play on consecutive nights). This is generally where the red flags should start going off in your head. Yes, even if it is the LA Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons. 

A certainty is anything but in the NBA. The eventual champion Lakers lost to the pitiful Cleveland Cavaliers, who were on a 12-game losing streak in 2020. This proves anything can happen in the NBA.

Team and travel schedules can be a big part of these upsets, so be sure to do some research on this before placing your bet with one of our secure and trusted sportsbooks.

Take advantage of the edge

Taking advantage of the edge is key to making money this NBA season. What is the edge, you ask? 

This is where the probability of an event occurring is more likely than the sportsbooks' odds. In other words, our data and analytics suggest a team/player has a much better chance of winning than the sportsbooks think! 

Taking these bets gives you a better chance of being a successful gambler overall. Of course, the higher the edge, the better. While you're not guaranteed a W, taking picks with an edge gives you a greater chance of being profitable well into the future. This is super important when trying to be a successful NBA bettor.

You'll find our best edge picks in the Best Bets section, or in Best Bets within any individual NBA matchup.

Bounce back 

Beware a wounded team. That's often been a worry of NBA coaches – unless of course they've been the Cavs or New York Knicks of late.

The NBA is largely unpredictable and teams, even the great ones, are more than capable of switching off. 

If they do get humiliated, there's a fair chance they will bounce back and put in a good performance the next game. That's why we recommend you check the last game's results before placing your NBA bet. 

The spread and moneyline options may be your best bet if you think a team will respond strongly from a crushing loss. 

Now you have all the tools to succeed in NBA betting this regular season. Make sure you keep checking Dimers before every NBA bet for the best odds and sportsbooks. Remember we have exclusive offers when signing up with the most trusted books in the United States. 

When it comes to the NBA, Dimers has it on lock.

Best NBA Finals Betting Strategies

The NBA Finals is the biggest basketball moment of the year. The best-of-seven series can define legacies, ensure one's place in the NBA Hall of Fame, or be a chance at yet another ring if your name is LeBron Raymone James. 

Even if you're not taking to the court, you too can create a legacy as a premier NBA bettor. If you want to get one over on your sportsbook and win some money on the NBA Finals, has got you. 

Ready to join a Sportsbook and start betting online? We've listed the best available welcome offers for each legal betting state below.

All right, let's get to it, without further ado here's the best betting strategies for the NBA Finals.

Finals MVP - Take your favored team's best player 

Like almost every award in the NBA, the media darlings are favored, even when they don't deserve it.

It doesn't matter if you lead both teams in points, assists and rebounds, all while averaging 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists – we remember, LeBron – you're unlikely to win if your team loses. 

Even with a historic performance, if his team loses, the player will not win Finals MVP. The last player to win MVP on a losing squad was Jerry West in 1969!

The reason we say bet the best player on YOUR favored team is because the equation is usually simple, the most talented player on the winning squad = Finals MVP. As you'll see below, the favored team doesn't always become champion. 

Over the last decade, Andre Iguodala and Kawhi Leonard – in 2014 with the Spurs – are the only outliers to the above principle. 

Beware the Underdog 

LeBron's 2013 Miami Heat, the historic 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers, 2019's Toronto Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021 all defied the odds in recent years.

MORE: How Do NBA Odds Work?

Find value in the Prop Bets Market

Prop bets are some of the most fun you'll have betting on the NBA Finals.

When doing so we mustn't forget, the public influences the pricing of odds heavily. Naturally, most people naturally want a great Finals, they want buckets galore and teams moving up and down the field like the Harlem Globetrotters.

With this in mind, consider how realistic some of the over/under bets are, there could be real value if you think a defense will shut down an offense quicker than Kyrie Irving does reporters. Finally, think about your prop bets in relation to your overall belief about the Finals.

If you think the Lakers will win, betting the under on Lebron James' points total probably isn't the smartest idea. How realistic is it for those two results to occur simultaneously?

Now you're well-prepared to bet on the NBA Finals, so what's next?

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