The Sports Bettor’s Guide to Astrology - How Your Star Sign Impacts Your Betting

When one knows their own hidden and subtle astrological qualities, they are more capable and competent to make ideal decisions and interpretations.  

Possessing this knowledge makes astrological analysis a potentially powerful tool to apply in sports gambling by giving the bettor information that can result in reasonable predictions in the sports world where human impulses make or break a desired betting outcome. contributor D.E. Knox explains how astrology is a tool that can be used to help identify human beings’ compulsions that are mostly ignored.  


“Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do.”— J.P. Morgan. 

“We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else.” – C.G.Jung. 

Self-knowledge is the most valuable knowledge and having a basic understanding of one’s sun or soul sign can create a foundation of knowledge that can improve decision-making, refine intuition and make life a more enjoyable experience. 

The following guide will explain how each sun sign can be best applied to create advantages within the sports betting arena. By understanding these simple relationships you will be poised to make the best decisions possible by having a more complete and comprehensive understanding of your own personality and its energies. 

Background: The Elements

Your sun or soul sign belongs to one of the four classical elements: Fire, Water, Air or Earth.  

A person’s total self is a combination of all of these elements, but your sun sign is the guiding factor which balances and incorporates these energies into impulses, messages and decisions. 

Fire: These signs are based upon intuition The fire element takes information and processes it by applying hunches, seeing hidden possibilities and going beyond the obvious.  

Water: This element is based upon human feelings. These signs are more personal, feminine and emotional. 

Air:  The air element is the application of mind in motion and uses definitions and information analysis to create reason and objective facts. 

Earth: If yow were born under an earth sun sign, then you use your senses and surrounding materials to process your experiences. Eyesight, hearing and touch provide key insights and feed the decision making process. 

How Your Star Sign Impacts Your Betting


Element: Fire

Birth dates: March 21 to April 20

Ruling Planet: Mars 

Tendencies: Initiative, inventiveness, and enthusiasm. Aries is erupting volcanic energy, the beginning of Springtime and life. 

Recommendations: Aries bettors are impulsive but enthusiastic. When this power is harnessed into a formal and organized routine, it can be quite powerful. Aries bettors can be easily distracted and tend to make too many bets. These bettors can profit from betting on any sport but restraint is their biggest obstacle. Parlay opportunities may be difficult to interpret for these folks, but sports like boxing and MMA will provide them with a slight advantage due to their explosive nature. 


Element: Earth  

Dates: April 20 to May 20

Ruling Planet: Venus 

Tendencies:  These individuals take a piratical approach to achieve stability and seriousness. This energy has the purest characteristics of the earth element. Tauruses make excellent bettors due to their working disposition and their ability to attract money and wealth in a practical manner. 

Recommendations: As long as a Taurus has patience and the will to win, they are well equipped to make sports betting decisions that can benefit their pocketbook. They make excellent fantasy sports players and can utilize horse racing betting systems better than any other sign in the zodiac. 


Element: Air 

Dates: May 21 to June 21

Ruling Planet: Mercury 

Tendencies: Geminis think and scheme in order to achieve their desired mental stimulus. When a Gemini is well informed with quality information, they can make profitable interpretations that many cannot. 

Recommendations: Gemini’s biggest threat to betting success is overthinking. This group needs to keep a positive mindset when betting or information may spoil and be misinterpreted. One on one sports are well suited for this sign and they make excellent tennis analysts and bettors. 


Element: Water 

Dates: June 21  to July 22

Ruling Planet: Moon 

Tendencies: Cancers are unique individuals with unique mindsets. It is the only sign in the zodiac ruled by the mysterious Moon. People who fall under this sign are quite emotional with large mood swings of both bliss and despair. In the sports betting world, they love the underdog and the classic Cinderella story lines. 

Recommendations: Emotional stability is the key to betting success for this group. Cancers are, by nature, not competitive, so finding enjoyment is the key for being a successful sports bettor for them. Cancers should make extra efforts to lay odds-on favorites due to their natural inclination to align themselves with long-shots.  


Element: Fire 

Dates: July 22 to Aug 23

Ruling Planet: Sun 

Tendencies: Leos reflect the sun’s perfection and become good at whatever they set their mind to in most cases. Leo’s are balanced, courageous and are natural leaders (Tom Brady, Roger Federer and Magic Johnson, to name a few). Sports betting provides this group another opportunity to shine and whatever Leos choose to excel in, they usually do. Their biggest threat to successful outcomes is becoming overconfident and bossy. 

Recommendations: Leos are natural-born winners and have a knack for developing actions that create winning situations. Any sport or betting scenario is the domain of a Leo. Like other fire signs, this group must stay concentrated and focused to fan their flames of success.


Element: Earth 

Dates:August 23 to September 22

Ruling Planet: Mercury 

Tendencies: Virgo’s energy resonates like an organized garden’s and is the most practical of any in the zodiac. A Virgo can be a perfectionist and like to work alone or use solitude as a means to understanding their universe. Sports that require receptive use of fundamentals and rely on organized practices are appealing to folks who fall under this sign. 

Recommendations: Virgos are tight bettors who may often pass up many opportunities due to their reliance on practicality. Sports betting needs to be viewed as a practical pastime for Virgo in order for them to truly excel. They have great potential in applying betting systems and easily visualize long term goals and objectives. Quick-action bets are not suited for these bettors but they will do well betting on long term events like basketball and hockey playoffs or golf tournaments. 


Element: Air 

Dates: September 23 to October 23

Ruling Planet: Venus 

Tendencies: Libra energy is about balancing opposing ideas. This makes them excellent analysts who can see betting opportunities that others cannot. This group of sports bettors like to find harmony in their results which make them less competitive than other signs. Libras don’t mind pushes, which may benefit some areas of sports betting more than others. 

Recommendations: Libras can excel in combining opposing energies in their sports betting approach. Over/under lines are tailor-made for this disposition as well as any sport whose format is one-on-one like tennis, match play golf, boxing or MMA.  


Element: Water 

Dates: October 23 to November 22

Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto 

Tendencies: Scorpios are intense, passionate and involved characters with a strong understanding of how to manipulate the emotions of others. They are headstrong and confident but also balanced with empathy for their friends. As bettors, they are well-equipped to be highly successful due to their ability to infuse their intuition with their emotions. 

Recommendations: Scorpios make great sports bettors when they are balanced and focused upon their objective. The classic sports of baseball, basketball and football are great choices for this energy to make betting gains. Games or matches that involve longstanding feuds or rivalries can be best decoded and analyzed by this sun sign. 


Element: Fire 

Dates: November 22  to December 21 

Ruling Planet: Jupiter 

Tendencies: Sagittarius’ energy is all about temperance and the balancing of the four elements. This sign requires comprehensiveness and consistency in order to excel. Sagittarius energy is inventive and original but well-respected by others. Cohesion and unity are qualities of this sign which may make gambling choices more challenging for those who fall under this sign. 

Recommendations: Sagittarius bettors will benefit themselves by seeking betting advice from others as they will know how to decipher it better than most other signs. They also need to apply this information in an original way in order to make it pay. Horse racing is a great betting sport for Sagittarius, but as long as they are thorough in their approach, they will find success in any sports domain. 


Element: Earth 

Dates: December 21 to January 20

Ruling Planet: Saturn 

Tendencies: Besides Leo, Capricorns have the most potential to win money in sports betting. Capricorn energy is fueled by the serious and harsh realities of money and all it can bring. Sports betting is more of an economic venture than entertainment which makes them vulnerable to big losses. To balance this, Capricorns have great courage to make the bet that more prudent signs would not, giving them an advantage in making huge pay-offs that are only dreamed about by others. 

Recommendations: Capricorns may become too personally involved in their analysis and forget their own natural tendency to control situations. Football and basketball are the sports with the greatest potential due to the teamwork required to be successful. Money management is extremely important for this sign within the sports betting realm. 


Element: Air 

Dates: January 20 to February 18

Ruling Planet: Saturn 

Tendencies: Aquarian energy is all about revealing the truth to others. It is optimized air energy that focuses upon breakthroughs and new inventions. One of the most famous Aquarians, Michael “Air” Jordan, is well known for his basketball skills but was and most likely still is, a tenacious sports gambler. Knowledge and intellect combine perfectly in this sign when balanced, but the risk to overdo things can be a threat to their bankroll.  

Recommendations: Aquarians can benefit by using more emotion and empathy in their sports betting approach. Emotions are often ignored in their betting formulas which can be harmful in situations where empathy is needed to make the right call. This group of bettors may do better by focusing on only one sport or one area of sports betting to maximize their results. 


Element: Water 

Dates: February 19 to March 21 

Ruling Planet: Jupiter and Neptune 

Tendencies: Pisces are often labeled as “nice” and “sweet.” These labels, on the surface, may not seem beneficial to sports betting due to the nature of the pastime, but this group knows how people work and what motivates them to succeed. This abundance of empathy makes Pisces great sports bettors in general because they exude sportsmanship and fairness. This disposition aligns them with reasonable gambling outcomes that are usually at risk from over-thinking and pride. 

Recommendations: Pisces will do well in any sports betting scenario as long as they keep their own emotions in check. When they realize that the majority of individuals cannot empathically tune into people like themselves, they then can use this energy to make winning calls on sports situations that oddsmakers and line setters never even considered. 

Pisces make excellent prop bettors and fantasy baseball players. 


Astrological information is critical to aligning your own personal energies with the cosmos. Take the time to analyze and apply these energies with your own self-awareness and your betting outcomes will improve and increase your cohesiveness with the universe and all of its gifts and surprises.  

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