The Role of Research – Why Research May Be a Good Idea Before Gambling

The Role of Research – Why Research May Be a Good Idea Before Gambling

Information surrounds us in the modern age. If you want to do some research on the best pair of shoes for your high arch or you want to see which footballers are likely to score at the weekend, there are many different options out there just a search engine away. 

People shouldn’t go into it without considering things, and this can vary depending on what sport somebody is going to gamble on or what game they plan to play. 

You might wonder how much research there really is to do on some games, like table games, but there are definitely things to consider (not least, the rules). 

Why is research one of the crucial hoops to jump through before playing online games or placing a bet on sports?

Understanding the Game (Or Market)

Heading into the game without an understanding of what the different terms are or even the rules of the game usually ends badly. A lot of people remember playing poker with friends when nothing was at stake, and finding they lost every hand because they didn’t understand the rules at first. 

Research is the answer. Understanding the poker winning hands and hierarchy is the only way somebody can really understand how the game is unraveling before them. What is the flop, turn, and river? Poker enthusiasts know that the game can totally change on these terms, but newcomers don’t.

How do they do their research, though? Poker has loads of resources online, some of them made by the most successful players throughout history. Dan Negreanu’s Masterclass is an example of somebody with decades of experience showing people how they reached a level of success and sharing some tips, from the very basics like those winning hands, through to advanced techniques for reading people and a “tell” in poker.

Poker rules are a lot like some of the markets in sports gambling, too. People looking to gamble on sportsbook events should definitely make sure that they understand the rules, especially for the more complex markets like fouls and cards in soccer.

Research means people know exactly what they’re dealing with, and this might involve watching plenty of the game or reading up on the rules beforehand so they know what they are actually betting on.

Form and Statistics

Statistics are so easy to come by now compared to years past. People collect stats on pretty much every aspect of how major sports unfold, including things like disciplinary records for players, shots, carrying yards, and points scored…there are even stats on yards covered.

Before placing a sports bet, people may want to read up on team and player statistics. This means looking at the overall performance metrics of the teams or athletes involved. For team sports such as football, basketball, or soccer, people should examine the win/loss records, scoring averages, and other stats. 

It's also essential to consider home and away performances, as teams often perform differently depending on the location, some teams are great at home but poor away. Recent form is another key factor, especially in individual sports a team on a good run might be more confident and perform better or might just have the edge over another team. Though betting should be for entertainment purposes, some people find checking out the statistics part of the fun.

The NFL is an example of a sport where masses of data are generated every single fixture. Every sack, touchdown, or pass is tracked, with people employed to track the performance of players and teams. NFL’s own site makes a lot of this data available so it isn’t hard to do the research if you’re willing to read up on things.

Researching Betting Sites and Casinos

Research isn’t just about the form and what might happen in the upcoming fixture, it is sometimes about the actual betting sites and companies, too. People may want to check the following aspects of the sites:

  • Whether they offer the markets in question, as some sportsbook sites may not always offer the specific markets someone is looking for.

  • The reputation of the site, safety is paramount when playing any online casino or betting on sports.

  • Bonuses and promotions. Some offer bonuses for signing up and starting to play with a certain casino brand or sportsbook site, and it makes sense to evaluate these promotions.


People who enjoy gambling should research the sites they’re planning to use, as well as different markets and the games on offer. Gamblers may have differing traits, and some will be more likely to spend hours in the statistics or reading up before they decide what bet to place. At least a basic understanding is usually a good idea. Sportsbook gamblers may know the frustration of betting on a player who is injured, for instance, and they could’ve found out with a little bit of research that they wouldn’t even be playing.

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