How to Bet on Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend in The Super Bowl: Travis Kelce Wagers in 2024

How to Bet on Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend in The Super Bowl: Travis Kelce Wagers in 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to the 2024 Super Bowl, but their back-to-back Super Bowl trips may not be the biggest storyline, now that pop music superstar Taylor Swift’s boyfriend happens to play for the Chiefs. For a regular Dimers user, you might know him by his other name, future Hall-of-Fame tight end Trace Kelce, but for the Swiftie crowd, “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend” is the only name that matters, even if they’re eager to bet on the tight end in the spotlight.

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Like much of this past year, you can’t even say “Chiefs” without conjuring up Taylor Swift via some sort of Beetlejuice-style spell. In case you spent this NFL season on another planet, news of Taylor Swift scoring herself an NFL boyfriend in Travis Kelce has absolutely dominated the headlines. Now, droves of Swift fans want to bet on Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

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From the Donna Kelce-Taylor Swift box suite shots to Taylor Swift-themed flight numbers for Super Bowl weekend, the Taylor Swift effect has been in full force on the NFL, who are absolutely soaking up the attention. Whether directly seeking out betting or not, this has opened the door for hundreds of thousands of Taylor Swift fans to dip their toes into the water of sports betting, but as we all know, betting can be a daunting experience, particularly for newcomers.

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That’s where Dimers comes in! No matter if you’re a Taylor Swift superfan, a brand-new sports bettor, or a combination of the two, we have got your back. We’ve sifted through the overwhelming number of options for betting on Travis Kelce in Super Bowl 58 to give you a little extra insight into your prop bets before you spend your hard-earned money trying to win yourself the cash to go see Taylor Swift in concert.

How to Bet on Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend in The Super Bowl

A little Betting 101: Travis Kelce is an extremely popular and very talented football player. He’s been even more impressive throughout the playoffs, and the popularity and talent of a player has some influence on their betting odds. Simply put, the more popular a player is, the more people will bet on them, meaning the sportsbooks have more risk if that player performs well. By reducing a player’s odds, the book can attempt to minimize their risk.

The sportsbooks and betting sites will offer numerous markets, or options, for betting on Travis Kelce in Super Bowl 58, including betting on him to score the first touchdown, to score a touchdown anytime in the game, to go over or under his projected receiving yards mark or how many catches he might have. And that’s just naming a few!

As of February 8th, online sportsbook bet365 has added a full "Swiftie Specials" selection of curated Travis & Taylor props.

If you’re interested in betting on the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance, then have a look at our data-driven insights for how we project the Chiefs tight end to perform in the Super Bowl.

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Fearless: Bet on Travis Kelce to Score the First Touchdown

Best odds: (+800) on FanDuel Sportsbook

Payout: Bet $10 to Win $80

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Taylor Swift’s boyfriend scored the first touchdown against the Buffalo Bills, then again in the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens. Can he make it three in-a-row? He’s scored three total touchdowns so far in the playoffs, and by using our prediction model we call DimersBOT, we see that Travis Kelce has an 8.6% probability to score the first touchdown.

The odds for any bet have what we call an “implied probability,” which is the likelihood of an event happening based on the odds listed. The implied probability for Travis Kelce to score the first touchdown is 11.1%. That means according to us, he should actually be closer to +1100, which is a big difference!

This is important for new bettors to understand, and you should always be looking for odds as close to the fair price as possible.

Dimers’ Fair Odds: +1100

Touchdowns on My Guitar: Bet on Travis Kelce to Score an Anytime Touchdown

Best Odds: (+105) on FanDuel Sportsbook

Payout: Bet $10, Win $10.50

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As mentioned, Travis Kelce has scored three touchdowns in the playoffs, including one game where he scored twice. Seemingly He has always been Patrick Mahomes’ favorite target and that’s amplified by the playoff atmosphere and the need to get your best players involved.

We are giving Mr. Swift a 38.9% probability to score a touchdown at any point in the game. That’s significantly higher than his chances to score the first touchdown, but can you bet him at a fair price?

His +105 odds on FanDuel are better than other books but they suggest a significantly higher 48.8% probability. For us, we’d like to see these odds give us a little bit more.

Dimers’ Fair Odds: +165

1989: Travis Kelce to Record 1 Touchdown, At Least 9 Receptions, More Than 89 Yards

Best Odds: +380 on FanDuel Sportsbook

Payout: Bet $10, Win $38

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Travis Kelce can put up numbers like no other. Through three games in the postseason so far, he has recorded 27 catches, 262 receiving yards and three touchdowns. That’s a playoff average of 1 TD, 9 receptions and just under 89 receiving yards per game.

Build a little parlay (multiple bets in one) for him to surpass all three of those marks in the Big Game and you’ll get odds of +380 on FanDuel Sportsbook. You can get better odds on DraftKings if they offer his 9+ receptions but they don’t as of this writing.

Our model doesn’t quite think Travis will have such a memorable game, projecting him currently for 69 receiving yards and the aforementioned 38.9% touchdown probability. This could be a fun bet based on the theme, but it’s not one backed by our data.

Not So Paper Rings: Bet on Chiefs to Win the Super Bowl

Best Odds: (+110) on BetMGM Sportsbook

Payout: Bet $10 to Win $11

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Can the Chiefs win back-to-back Super Bowls? They’ve been the most impressive team in the playoffs by far, covering the spread in every game so far and winning outright as underdogs in their past two games. They thrive on that mentality and they’ll look to become repeat champions on February 11 in Las Vegas.

It’s going to take some extra juice for the Chiefs to win according to the DimersBOT. Kansas City currently get just a 38% probability to win the Super Bowl, which is pretty normal for a projected underdog, but it doesn’t line up with their odds of +110, which suggest a 47.6% probability.

Dimers’ Fair Odds: +170

You Belong with MVP: Bet on Travis Kelce to Win Super Bowl 58 MVP

Best Odds: +1700 on FanDuel Sportsbook

Payout: Bet $10 to win $170

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Unlike the regular season MVP award which is virtually guaranteed to go to a quarterback, the Super Bowl MVP award is more fluid, as it’s based off just a one-game performance. This means any player who shines significantly and makes game-changing plays could get the award. Travis Kelce will need to go above and beyond, likely a pair of touchdowns and at least 100 yards to take the award away from the guy throwing the ball.

Considering that performance would go beyond what would make the 1989 Parlay listed above, this is certainly an intriguing play to make. I know that I’ll be placing a little sprinkle on him to win as the odds are too good for me to pass up, however it will be a small wager as our model doesn’t project a very game for Kelce.

Red: Bet on the Gatorade Bath Color

Best Odds: TBD

It’s the event everyone will be waiting for once the Super Bowl kicks off...the Gatorade bath, of course! Synonymous with big victories, the Gatorade bath has become an iconic image after a team secures their Super Bowl victory, with the head coach getting a sports drink shower.

If you didn’t know, you can bet on the color of the winning team’s Gatorade bath, featuring every conceivable color. Dimers did a deep dive into betting on this market, featuring historical results and some interesting facts, which you can read here.

It’s a complete guessing game; there’s no science to it aside from some basic logic that teams might be more likely to have coolers containing juice in a team color, but that is often not the cast. With two teams featuring primarily red colors, it’s possible that the chances of seeing our first Red Gatorade bath ever could be a little higher.

Odds for this market aren’t up at the time of this writing but keep your eyes open!

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