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Premier League Soccer Picks and Predictions for MatchWeek 35

Premier League Soccer Picks and Predictions for MatchWeek 35

Life imitates art, and art imitates life. It’s a phrase, referred to in philosophy as a mimesis, that can be traced back to Socrates, and one that I would imagine most people have heard at some time or another (butter brains excluded). And, while I don't plan to babble on about logic and the meaning of life here, I do actually have a relevant point to make. I think gambling, much like art, can both imitate and be imitated by life.

By way of example, I have a not so fun story. This week, while hopelessly trying to figure out why my HVAC system was failing in my poorly lit and questionably built attic, I found myself with my foot squarely through the ceiling of a closet. One simple lapse of judgment and a bit of a misstep, and not only do I now have to buy a new HVAC unit but I need to replace a chunk of ceiling, something my wife did not find amusing. And, aside from entertaining you with my pain, it somehow reminded me of the nuance of gambling (which probably means I have a problem but whatever).

Stupid choices (thinking I had any hope of fixing a fucking evaporator) and a lack of awareness (not noticing the loose floorboard next to an uncovered space) left me both poorer and disappointed with myself. Gambling on sports is no different. Dragging your ass into bad situations or not being cautious enough typically leaves you with less money and more problems than you started with. Take it from someone with experience in both the gambling and the real world, it’s better to play things smart.

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Premier League Best Bets - Week 35

Wolves vs. Luton Town: Saturday, April 27, 10:00AM EST

If it aint broke, dont fix it. Or, in the case of Luton, if it is broke then find a way to use it to your advantage like a youth basketball team abusing the kid who’s mom made him play but has no athletic ability.

Luton continue to be a defensive nightmare, and I will continue to take team totals against them so long as the number isnt egregious. And, at just -128 on Wolves at home, I will gladly take a whack.

The biggest concern, honestly, is that Wolves have literally nothing to play for. But facing a desperate Luton side they wont have much of a choice but to run out and score a couple of goals because the opportunities will be presented to them on a platter. This write up is short and sweet because that's all we need it to be - Wolves find 2.

⛏️ Sam's Pick: Wolves TT Over 1.5 (-124) - 1.24U

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Tottenham vs. Arsenal: Sunday, April 28, 9:00 AM EST

What I am about to do here may not make sense to you. In some ways, it doesn't even make sense to me. And, undoubtedly, I am biased as hell when it comes to the North London Derby. So, if you do choose to go down this road with me, be aware of what you’re getting into.

That said, as a Spurs fan, I learned a long time ago that this team will often do the thing that makes the least sense. And, to me, the most miraculous thing here would be Spurs actually getting their shit together. The season has turned into a disaster and we just got blown out against Newcastle, so a match against Arsenal should be fairly lopsided. But ill be damned if I don't think Spurs will find a way to get goals.

At +146 for TT Over 1.5 on their own pitch, with the importance of the derby, this seems like solid value. Add in the above Spurs chaos as well as the fact that this team does not know how to play a lick of defense, and I see this match being a fucking wild one. Ange will set up in a nonsensical offensive way and Arsenal will be forced to push purely because it would be stupid not to, which should leave everything wide ope. 2 Goals may actually not be enough for Spurs to win this game, but I do think they get a pair.

⛏️ Sam’s Pick: Tottenham TT Over 1.5 (+146) - 1.46U

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