DimersBOT: How our data-driven pre-game SBLV picks performed


February 8, 2021 4:44 AM

Regular visitors of Dimers know all about our data-driven picks, but how did ol' faithful DimersBOT perform during the biggest football game of the year?

🏈 Pre-game Quick Pick

DimersBOT constantly analyzes trends and the latest game information and sportsbook odds to determine the most likely result based upon 10,000 simulations. Early in the week, Kansas City was tipped to win the game by our predictive analysis, but as it got closer to game time, we saw a clear edge to the Bucs at the Moneyline for astute bettors.

In addition to identifying the edge on Tampa Bay correctly, the Quick Picks page also correctly guided bettors to the spread and total points market making it a cool 3-0 for the day.

It definitely pays to keep your eye on Dimers all the way to kick off.


🤳 Social Media Posted Props

We are always posting our best plays in the lead up to the big games on social media, and we had a great day out for those following us going at a very profitable 66% win rate.

Here is a full wrap up of our posted player props for Super Bowl LV:


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