Introducing Dimers Pro - The Next Era of Dimers

Introducing Dimers Pro - The Next Era of Dimers

Welcome to Dimers Pro

On March 11, 2024, Dimers will enter a new era with the launch of Dimers Pro. Our cutting-edge predictive analytics models, powered by superior technology, will become a key part of our subscription service implemented across the site.

Dimers has been free since we launched in August of 2020 and while we’ve proudly delivered you our best bets every day since, we are growing and want to build bigger and better tools and features for you to further enhance your betting experience.

We have one goal at Dimers and that’s to help you become a more profitable bettor and have fun doing it.

Prepare for this game-changer in the world of sports betting with our upgraded models fueled by the latest technology and redefine your winning strategies.

Become a Dimers Pro: Join the waitlist now for 25% off for the first 6 months

Dimers Pro: Every Bet, Every Game, Every Day

If you’re a regular Dimers user, then you already know what’s in store when you sign up for Dimers Pro. Our unparalleled simulation models identify the best bets, best player props, parlay picks and top trends to help you make informed, data-driven decisions in your wagers.

Our models simulate every game 1000s of times using key datapoints to identify where the sportsbooks are wrong and value is presented.

With dozens of markets across over 15 sports and leagues, there is no shortage of edges to find across each and every day. Whether you’re looking for something specific to a sport or game or just want the best value no matter the league, there is a bet for you on Dimers.

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What You’ll Get With Dimers Pro 

No matter what type of bet you're looking for, you can expect three consistent things in your Dimers Pro experience

  • Unlimited full site access
  • Never miss another +EV bet
  • Picks for all major betting markets

Read below for more details on what you'll find specifically when Dimers Pro launches on March 11.

Dimers Pro Best Bets

If you're looking for the best bets today, stay ahead of the competition with our up-to-date expert analysis and predictive models. The best edges on spreads, moneylines and totals across every major in-season sport can be found on our Quick Picks page.

Regardless of the sport or league, if our models have identified value in a team to win outright, cover the spread or go over/under the total, that bet will populate on the  sport-specific Best Bets page as well as in Quick Picks.

Dimers Pro Best Player Props

Your one-stop destination and the bread and butter at Dimers, our player prop predictions are a fan-favorite and where we have the largest amount of individual bets available on most days.

From first baskets and goalscorers, to rebounds, three-pointers, strikeouts and home runs, our models are constantly running the latest simulations to identify inconsistencies across dozens of prop bet markets.

With our handy projections and calculated edges, you can find opportunities like ladder plays, plus-money overs and more just by cruising through the top value plays on our Best Props pages.

Dimers Pro Best Parlays

We know you all love a parlay and our in-house Parlay Picker can deliver you tailor-made parlays, built to your specifications, curated instantly at your fingertips.

Assembled by synthesizing our proprietary data on the best bets across all sports on any given day, our Parlay Picker crunches all the info on our site and sources the book with the best odds to curate a parlay from 2-6 legs, completely custom to your preferences.

Utilizing five different categories pre-selected by you – Sports, Bet Types, Timeframe, # of Legs and Risk Level – the parlay you generate will be based purely on your selections.

Don’t like a leg? You can swap it out. Risk level too high? Slide it down or take away a leg. Build parlays using the features most important to you, every single day.

Dimers Pro Best Trends

A complementary tool of our site, our unique trends feature not only identifies players on hot/cold streaks across different key statistics, but also rates them on a five-star scale based on their value.

A player might be hitting their rebounds prop at an 80% clip, but if odds aren’t worth betting, it’s not going to get as strong of a rating.

We have trends in three major sports – basketball, baseball and football. Users have the ability to search for any player or team, select just one game or filter by specific props – the power is yours!

Become a Dimers Pro: Join the waitlist now for 25% off for the first 6 months

How to get the most out of Dimers Pro

Our advanced analytics models identify the best odds across all of the sportsbooks so you can ensure you're betting in the right place for the most profit. You wouldn't spend $100 on a ticket to an NBA game if you can get the same one for just $50, so why would you do it when betting on sports?

It's easy to forget that we are effectively buying and selling when we bet on sports, and many of the principles that apply to our daily life also apply to sports betting; they call it "shopping lines" for a reason! 

Learn how you can maximize your profits with Dimers Pro here.

A Dimers Pro Plan for Every Bettor

Depending on how frequently and with what volume you bet, the Dimers Pro plan that works for you may be different than the one that works for others, so we currently have three offerings planned for launch:

Weekly at $9.99 per week

Monthly at 24.99 per month – saves 40% vs. weekly

Yearly at $249.99 per year – 2 months free

Each plan comes complete with the same tools and features. For example, weekly subscribers won’t be locked out of some features simply because they pay less up front – just choose the plan that’s right for you!

Join the waitlist today and become a Dimers Pro when we launch on March 11!

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