Bet Center - Free Online Bet and Sportsbook Tracking

Dimers continues to provide sports bettors with the best tools in the game and now, with the release of our free bet tracking tool, Bet Center, you can sync all of your bets in the one place.

Delivered in partnership with SharpSports, Bet Center allows sports bettors to sync their bets with selected sportsbooks to view past wagers and keep track of present and future bets, all for free.

Users can also track their betting performance, such as win % and net profit, across different sportsbooks, status, and sports by linking their sportsbook accounts in one convenient spot.

How to Link Your Sportsbook Accounts

To link your sportsbook accounts using Dimers' online bet tracker, simply head to the Bet Center page and create a Dimers account if you haven't already. Once logged in, you'll be able to seamlessly connect your sportsbook accounts on the Bet Center page by clicking the Link Sportsbooks button. 

From there, you'll be able to select your region and state, and then follow the prompts to link all of your accounts to the Dimers' Bet Center.

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Track Your Bets Across Multiple Sportsbooks

Bet Center is the best bet tracker available to sports bettors and the most complete tool to keep track of all your sports bets.

When you wager for real money, you will almost certainly use several bookmakers. Now, with Bet Center, you can keep track of your balances at all of your favorite books, plus share your hot streaks with other bettors.

Highlights of Bet Center, our free online bet tracker, include:

  • Sync your accounts with nearly every major American sportsbook (including DraftKings Sportsbook) to keep track of your past, present, and future wagers in one central location.
  • Insights, data, and performance on every single bet type, including win % and return on investment.
  • Keep track of your results by sportsbook or wager type.
  • Choose between pending and settled bets, as well as by league and sportsbook.
  • Straight bets, parlays, teasers, futures, and prop bets can all be tracked.
  • Each sportsbook account's bankroll can be viewed.
  • There are no subscription or annual fees to utilize this service.

This is yet another feature Dimers has rolled out to bettors recently, including our new Prop Bets page. Keep an eye out for even more innovations coming soon!



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