Bettor Cashes Out $71,000 Parlay Ticket for Just $122

Bettor Cashes Out $71,000 Parlay Ticket for Just $122

Can you imagine holding a potential $71,550 parlay ticket and cashing out for $122? We sure can’t, but for one unfortunate bettor over on the r/sportsbook Reddit, they know what it feels like all too well. Let this cautionary tale be a lesson to you sports bettors out there.

Look, bad beats are a natural part of betting. We’ve all experienced one, likely firsthand, or if you’re one of the lucky few, only indirectly. A last-second buzzer beater by a team getting blown out to cover the spread, a kneel-down at the end of a game costing you those valuable rushing yards, a closer having a ninth-inning collapse to lose your parlay on the final leg, you name it. But self-inflicted betting wounds are incredibly difficult to overcome, and that’s what makes this story so hard to stomach.

A couple of days ago, Reddit user u/pdrlives posted this screenshot of a now-dead ticket, displaying one of the most heart-stopping cashouts we’ve ever seen in our time on this earth.

Their $25 bet on a three-leg parlay featured:

  • Kansas City Chiefs to Win Super Bowl LVII (+430)
  • UCONN Men’s Basketball to win NCAA Tournament (+2600)
  • Denver Nuggets to Win 2023 NBA Championship (+1900)

The total parlay came out to +286100, a payout of 2861/1. With a little research into the odds movement, it looks like u/pdrlives placed the bet sometime around November, while UCONN and the Nuggets were still available at those prices, after which point the Nuggets’ odds dropped sharply.

In an absolute banger game of a Super Bowl, the Chiefs managed to outlast the Philadelphia Eagles and secure the first leg for u/pdrlives. Not long after Kansas City secured the first leg, the bettor had a crisis of conscience when UCONN hit a rough patch and smashed that cash-out button harder than the Huskies ultimately smashed their way through March Madness, routing every team on the way to the school’s fifth NCAA title.

We don’t know about you, but if we hit the first leg of our 286/1 parlay, we’d be waiting out the college basketball season a little while longer, especially considering UCONN’s stretch where they lost six of eight games had already happened. In fact, after the Chiefs leg had cashed, the Huskies didn’t lose again until their final game of the season, before mopping the floor with every team they faced in the tourney.

As far as the Nuggets are concerned, we don’t need to tell you how good that leg looks. The Nuggets were one of the best teams all year and have looked like the most complete team in the postseason. Even in a fairly competitive series, they handled the Lakers easily. Our model, DimersBOT, currently gives Denver a 61% chance of winning it all.


While it may be a bit amusing to poke fun at a brutal move like this, this should serve as a reminder that betting is meant to be fun. If you can’t afford to ride out a $25 ticket for a few months and need a $122 cashout, then you need to set tighter limits on your sports betting.

On the bright side of things, u/pdrlives realized his mistake shortly after cashing out and placed a UCONN/Nuggets championship winner parlay, albeit at a worse payout. Still, a potential $10,039 is nothing to turn your nose up at, and if they were to go with the cash out now, we think they’d find the $4,786 on offer a bit more palpable than $122.

Please bet responsibly. Responsible gambling means setting limits, staying in control, and understanding that luck is just part of the game. Make informed choices, set a budget, and know when to take a break. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling, you can reach out to 1-800-GAMBLER for crisis counseling and support.

Dave Garofolo
Content Producer

Dave is a fantasy sports and betting enthusiast especially when it comes to MLB and the NFL. When he’s not arguing the case for why New Haven pizza is the greatest on Earth, he can be found reading comic books, working in the garden or hanging with the cats.

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