How to use Dimers Quick Picks


August 11, 2020 2:00 PM

How to use Dimers' Quick Picks

We’ve done the hard work so you can Make the Play.

Quick Picks are Dimers’ best sports betting picks for upcoming games, with direct links to our most trusted sportsbooks, to allow you to place a bet quickly.

Based on data and analytics, each pick is made after at least 10,000 simulations per game. The higher the edge, the better!

When you see a 🔥, you know this is one of our favorite plays of the day.


How are in-play probabilities calculated during a live game?

In-play probabilities are statistical metrics that project the likelihood of a bet winning at any given point by simulating the remainder of the game. Cool, huh?!

Based on the performance of historical teams in the same situation and the current state of the game, the model updates in real time following every major event during the game.


What is the ‘edge’?

The edge is where we’ve identified the probability of an event occurring is more likely than the listed sportsbook odds. As In, we give that team a better chance of winning than the sportsbooks do.

The higher the edge, the better. Whilst not guaranteed to win, taking picks with a higher edge gives you a greater opportunity of being profitable long term. This is a super Important factor when trying to be a successful sports bettor.


What is a Moneyline bet?

A Moneyline bet is simply based on which team you think will win the game, head to head. Moneyline bets are available on all sports and are a popular bet type.

For all Moneyline bets, favorites are given a 'minus' designation, such as -120, -250 or -500, meaning to win $100 you would need to bet $120, $250 or $500 respectively.

Underdogs on the other hand are given a 'plus' designation, such as +120, +250 or +500, meaning if you bet $100 on your team (at +120 odds) and they win, you win $120, plus you get back your $100 stake, equalling a $220 payout, and so on.


What is a Spread bet?

The Spread, or points spread, is a popular bet type which handicaps teams back to a more even chance of betting.

In this bet type, the favorite gives points to the underdog, meaning they have to win by a certain margin to 'cover' the spread, whilst the underdog can actually lose the game yet still be a winning bet if they lose by a lower margin than the spread.

For example, say the Eagles are 5.5 point favorites (-5.5) against the underdog Colts (+5.5). If you bet on the Eagles they need to win by 6 points or more to cover the spread, but if you bet on the Colts and they lose by 5 or less, or possibly even win the game, then you win the bet.


What is an Over/Under bet?

 Simply put, an over/under bet is picking whether the total combined scores of both teams In a game go over or under the nominated 'line' set by the sportsbooks.

For example, if the Pacers and the 76ers have an over/under total of 223, us bettors can either bet that the game goes over 223 points or under 223 points. If you bet the over and the score is 224 or more you win, and if you bet the under and the score is 222 or lower you win.


Why are there different sportsbooks in the Dimers Bet Hub?

Good question! Now that online sports betting is legal, there has been an influx of sportsbooks opening their doors to new customers.

A key strategy to profitable betting is taking the best available odds for a bet. The Dimers Bet Hub identifies the best odds so you don’t have to search for it yourself. You're welcome!

Dimers has run a fine tooth comb through all the big legal online books in the country to provide the 411 on our most trusted sites, as well as the best promotional codes they offer to give you the most bang for your buck.

You can be assured that you are betting with a legitimate sportsbook if we’ve given them the Dimers tick of approval. Join a book here.