UPDATED: The Dimers March Madness Elite 8 Tournament Simulator

Simulate your team’s journey through March Madness Elite 8 using the Dimers NCAA Tournament Simulator.

For those who frequent Dimers, you might recall we launched a simulator that predicted the brackets during the Australian Open tennis. Well, that was really just a test-run for the Big Daddy - the Dimers March Madness NCAA Tournament Simulator presented by FanDuel Sportsbook

Wait, what?

Yep, we’ve built a full bracket simulator for March Madness. Why? Well, we love using data to assist our betting, but we also know that numbers are only as good as they are useful, so we set out to create a truly usable and repeatable Tournament Simulator, that predicts the winner of every single game throughout March Madness.

The amount of data we will push through our simulator during the tournament is staggering, with the sheer volume of College Basketball teams to analyse both in the lead up to, and during, March Madness ensuring it’s one helluva job!

Using proprietary technology, we’ve essentially mutated our Bet Hub predictive analytics models into a bracket simulator, which takes the hard work out of getting a solid gauge on how your team will perform. Every time you run the simulator the model will run over 10,000 sims of each and every match-up to predict a winner, then those winners will progress, and so on, until your team’s run comes to an end. If they don’t win, you’ll still get to see which team will be cutting down the nets in that particular simulation.

Whether you’re a new or experienced sports bettor, or a budding bracketeer, this tool allows you to check your March Madness predictions before every game, round or even the final to see if your team will make it through, and how far they could potentially go. Better still, we’ve integrated FanDuel Sportsbook’s tournament odds for each available team so you can also compare the betting markets with our predicted outcomes.

Note - this is not a pre-tournament flash in the pan… The draw, teams and data will update after every round, meaning the predictions, odds and probabilities will move around based on who’s left (or not left) in the draw.

In short:

  • Simulate March Madness to see how the team you want to bet on will perform
  • Check your pick/s against the predicted outcome and see their tournament odds
  • Found your big play? Place a bet with FanDuel Sportsbook for the best College Basketball odds and March Madness offers
  • Simulate the tournament as many times as you like, as every simulation is unique
  • Check back regularly as the Tournament Simulator updates after every round


Further, you can change your team and even simulate the journey(s) of your team’s arch-rivals.


Good luck and we hope you enjoy the NCAA March Madness Tournament as much as we will!

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