Kansas is the Latest State to Legalize Online Sports Gambling in 2022

Across the United States, legal online sports betting has been moving forward at a blistering pace in recent years. The widespread availability of high-speed connectivity, the ease of use of wagering apps, the convenience of rapid deposits and smooth payouts has dramatically improved bettors’ experience across the nation.

Dimers.com contributor Paul Lebowitz takes a look at what's about to unfold in Kansas. If you're in Kansas and want to get the jump on the best sports betting options, you can score great pre-registration offers from DraftKings, BetMGM and FanDuel just by signing up.

On Sept. 1, Kansas will join the litany of other states in the nation to allow legal sports gambling online.

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Kansas becomes the latest state to accept that people are going to wager and that, as a state, it might as well accrue revenue from it for the good of its residents. There had been debate as to when the official unveiling would be. For Kansas and Kansans, legalization comes just in time for the start of the football season – college and pro – and with enough time to fully prepare for the college basketball season starting in November.

Like many Midwestern states, Kansas is a hotbed for college athletics. Despite the Kansas Jayhawks football squad hovering around the top 100 in the preseason rankings, there will be plentiful wagering opportunities with the rest of the Big 12 and other conferences. Regarding basketball, the Kansas Jayhawks’ early rankings have them within the top five or six in the nation. Fans’ passion for the sport can be enhanced with the opportunity to wager on an annual NCAA Tournament favorite.

As a close neighbor to Missouri, the Royals are said to be the favored team in Kansas. As wagering goes, there will be ample opportunity to show their support as the Royals hope to play spoiler to playoff contenders the White Sox, Padres, Guardians, Twins and Mariners. After a horrific first half, the Royals have played somewhat better in the second half.

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For people hoping to bet on another neighbor whose playoff aspirations are real, the Cardinals are available. Those whose loyalties stay with the Royals can bet against the Cardinals if they so choose. The Cardinals are a likely playoff team. For the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs are the dominant choice for Kansas residents. Dimers gives the Chiefs just shy of a 14% chance of winning the AFC and advancing to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs’ title chances are just above 7%.

The benefit of individual states legalizing gambling is that it tamps down street wagering through illegal bookmakers and illegal online betting through questionable overseas entities. It shifts it to a recordable, regulated and known source with greater oversight and protections for bettors through the Kansas Lottery. Those who want to bet in person can do so at any of the four casinos owned by the state. Betting is expected to start on Sept. 8.

Revenue is obviously the driving force for online wagering. Not only does it help companies providing sportsbook services, but the states get a major tax boost. One of the largest prizes for the potential revenue was New York. Since its legalization in February 2022, the revenue for the companies themselves has surpassed $722 million in the Empire State.

In tax/jurisdiction revenue, the state is close to $350 million. Despite it have a far lower population, Kansas can expect a windfall of its own from the soon-to-be legalized wagering services and give its residents what it has long wanted in the right to put money on sports if they want to add some excitement to their sports viewing and perhaps make a profit at the same time.

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