HUGE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PAYDAY: New Jersey Bettor Cleans Up $27,000 Parlay

Imagine that you’ve put together a nine-team $100 College Football parlay for Saturday that could pay you out almost $27,000. 

You’re confident in the parlay and one by one, each domino starts to fall into place. Suddenly, it’s 11:30pm and eight of the nine games are over and done with. You’re left with just one result that needs to go your way in order to win a life changing amount of money, but the team you need - Nevada to cover +3.5 against Cal - isn’t looking good; they’re down 14-0 after one quarter. 

Do you hedge, or do you let it ride?

That was the proposition facing Bobby Stanley Jr, aka @PropHolliday. On Saturday, in the depths of the night at his home in New Jersey, he had to make a decision. He was either going to win a shitload of money on his College Football parlay, or he was going to win nothing despite being so, so close. 

Or, he could hedge his bet.

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“Hedging is something many are unfamiliar with, but it’s a way to guarantee yourself a minimum amount of money in a scenario like this,” Stanley Jr told

“With eight of the nine legs wrapped up, I knew I needed to guarantee something, or else I’d never be able to live with myself.”

The 32-year-old NJ native, who says he was introduced to gambling at a young age by his father who used to run weekly family Pick ‘Em pools, told Dimers that his monster CFB parlay came about thanks to a FanDuel Sportsbook Week 1 College Football promo, giving users a Risk-Free parlay up to $100.

“I took it as a free swing before Week 1 of the NFL,” he explained.

With a devoted Twitter following already established, Stanley put the call out to his followers - some 3,000 strong before Saturday’s big win - for assistance in crafting the +26846 bet.

“My personal leans were Georgia and UCLA, but thanks to @monotonefootbal, @alhinton23, @thepromoguy123 and @JerzStrongblack, I got a lot of great plays to round out the nine-leg parlay,”

The legs, which was made up of a combination of spread and total points plays, went to plan right up until the last game of the night with Nevada needing to stay within at least four points of California. Down big after the first quarter, it was time to activate the hedge to ensure a large pay day regardless of how the game panned out. But as Stanley tells us, he ran into some problems with his own sportsbooks who wouldn’t accept the bets.

“I had a lot of trouble depositing large amounts of money (for the hedge) into my standard apps,” he said.

“I actually signed up for Caesars Sportsbook and Barstool Sportsbook during the first quarter of the Nevada/Cal game and it was the best decision I could’ve made,”

Once again, with the help of the community, Stanley Jr. was able to devise a plan as the final leg of his parlay was unfolding.

“I jumped on a call with the great @BeauLWagner to go over the hedge options and we were pretty aligned that I needed to lock in the highest possible minimum return, which was approximately $13,000,

“I put $8000 on Cal Moneyline (-160) through FanDuel Sportsbook and then they suspended the game for me entirely… I then put $1500 on Cal ML (-160) through Barstool Sportsbook,” he added.

As the live bets were being made, the fortune of Nevada started to change, and suddenly the Wolf Pack were leading 22-14 after three quarters, almost guaranteeing the original parlay - but the big bettor wasn’t done yet, capitalizing on one more chance to take some big odds, utilizing Caesars Sportsbook’s $5000 Risk-Free Bet offer for new customers to place it all on Cal whose moneyline odds had now ballooned out to +210.

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Heading into the final quarter, Bobby knew that no matter what happened in those next 15 minutes of play, he would be winning a shitload of cash. But the team he was rooting for had changed.

“At that point I was rooting for Cal to win but not cover which would have actually paid $44,000,” he reflected back.

“When they got the ball back down 5 with two minutes left I truly thought I was going to hit.”

As it turned out, Nevada would run out 22-17 victors. Stanley Jr didn’t have to hedge after all, taking a slight hit to the winnings that the original bet would have paid. But does he regret doing it?

“Not in the slightest,” the big winner said without hesitation.

“By signing up for the two new books (Caesars and Barstool) I actually received $5000 site credit from Caesars and a $1000 site credit from Barstool,

“I have zero regrets about how it played out.”

The tireless worker who has contributed to previously for UFC 265 says that with his wedding just over a month away, a lot of the winnings will go towards the final payment on the ceremony, as well as being able to put some aside to eventually purchase a house in the near future.

“This could not have come at a better time in our lives.” 

You can follow @PropHolliday on Twitter and catch him throughout the NFL and CFB seasons as a content contributor at

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