How Did The Top NBA All-Star Snubs Perform After Not Making the Squad?


February 28, 2021 2:48 AM

With every NBA All-Star squad announcement comes a host of players missing out on the honor, with plenty of said players viewed as being 'snubbed'.

Now, whether you agree with the idea that these guys were snubbed from the teams, it's hard to deny that they were next in line and definitely would've felt within themselves that they should've made it.

Here at Dimers though, we're on the lookout for how to make money on these guys, and although the opportunity may have passed for this season, it's handy to keep this in mind next season: the guys that were 'snubbed' will always come out in their next matchups with a chip on their shoulder and a SERIOUS chance of hitting their player prop Overs.

Let's take a look at how some of these dudes performed this week after the All-Star reserves were named ğŸ‘‡

Trae Young ✅

OVER 29.5 points vs. Celtics (33 points)

Trae is averaging 27.2 and 9.5 assists per game this season and clearly wasn't happy to be left out of the East reserves, coming out and scoring 33 points to inflict further pain on the struggling Celts.

Brandon Ingram ✅

OVER 24.5 points vs. Pistons (27 points)

Last season's Most Improved Player maybe hasn't quite lived up to expectations this season but with averages of 24-5-5, he was definitely in the conversation to make the All-Star game. BI came out the next day though and knocked down 27 points, forming a scary duo with the red-hot Zion Williamson.

Jimmy Butler ✅

OVER 21.5 points vs. Raptors (27 points)

Jimmy Butler always has a chip on his shoulder, so something like an All-Star Game snub is like adding fuel to an already out-of-control fire. Jimmy Buckets made sure that everyone knew he was a force to be reckoned with in Miami's game against Toronto, notching up 27 points.

Bam Adebayo ✅

OVER 18.5 points vs. Raptors (19 points)

The Miami big man claimed his first All-Star appearance last year in just his third season in the pros. It seemed like Bam's presence may be a mere certainty for the next decade, but despite an improved stat line in season 2020/21, the Center will be missing from ASG2021. Adebayo responded with a monster game against the Raps, clearing his points prop to show the media and fans that he will not be going away. 

Domantas Sabonis* âŒ

OVER 22.5 points vs. Warriors (22 points)

The first of two guys on this list that have since been added as injury replacements, Sabonis is also the first guy here who fell short of his Over/Under in his first game after (initially) missing out. But in saying that, he fell just half a point short in what was his first game in a week, so we can forgive him!

Devin Booker* âœ…

OVER 25.5 points vs. Hornets (33 points)

Booker of course has made the team since, but he and his fans were NOT happy when he missed out initially. One of his biggest fans even tweeted about it ğŸ‘‡


Khris Middleton âœ…

OVER 21.5 points vs. Pelicans (31 points)

The Bucks aren't quite winning as many games as they did last season, but it's to fault of Khris Middleton. The 2020 All-Star has shooting splits of 50% FG, 44% 3PT, 90% FT and could've easily made it back-to-back appearances at the ASG.


Mike Conley ❌

OVER 15.5 points vs. Lakers (14 points)

The man with a genuine argument for finishing his career as the best ever player without an All-Star appearance, Mike Conley has played a big role in the Jazz becoming the best team in the league so far this season. He fell just short of his Over/Under in this one, but Utah still took down LeBron and his Lakers.

De'Aaron Fox âœ…

OVER 23.5 points vs. Pelicans (29 points)

Perhaps a by-product of Sacramento's poor record as a team, Fox hasn't received reward in the way of an All-Star appearance despite his career-year. The Sac Town point guard didn't let the snub deter him, though, smashing his points prop in the very next game after learning the news.

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