Free College Football Picks and Predictions – Week 13 Best Bets, Saturday November 27, 2021

Prospector Sam has arrived with your free NCAAF betting picks for the Week 13 action!

I know it’s entirely the wrong holiday, but I feel like a kid on Christmas right now. As we enter the last regular season weekend of college football there are still a ton of unknowns and teams competing for playoff spots, which should make for good TV and lots of gambling opportunities. Even better, I had a strong performance at 4-2 last week and accurately prophesied the downfall of the Pac 12 as per league tradition. That turns all eyes to the 4 relevant conferences plus Cincinnati (I refuse to acknowledge Notre Dame as relevant), and it should be a hell of a run in for everyone.

With that, I see no reason to delay any further with rambling or silly jokes, time for some picks! ⤵️

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‍Free NCAAF Picks For Week 13, 2021

UNC vs. NC State, Fri Nov 26, 7:00pm (EST)

With the gluttony of important games being played on Friday, I figure I should give you all something to work with so you aren’t left gasping for air on your picks (yes, in that metaphor I am literally the air you need to breathe. I stand by it). And sure, there are probably more important games than this one, but I hate everything about that Cincinnati line and total so I’m going to a safer place. I like the Wolfpack to cover this one at home. To start, Sam Howell is not 100% and they had to hold him out of last week’s game which is crucial for me. UNC’s offense doesn’t function without him, and if he’s not firing at all cylinders then the Heels are going to have a tough time scoring. As for NC State, Devin Leary is going to feast on the opposing defense (or lack thereof) and this team still has an outside chance at the ACC title game which will play into the “hungry dog runs faster” matra of gambling. 6 is a fairly high number for two teams with a relatively small gap in talent, but between the injury to Howell and the consistently poor showings by UNC over the course of the season, I think NC State takes this game comfortably.

⛏️ PICK: NC State -6

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Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, Sat Nov 27, 12:00pm (EST)

This game feels like a “pick your poison” bet to me. The Dawgs are going to blow Tech out of the water like an atomic bomb in a small koi pond, and it’s really a matter of whether you like the safety of the over or the spread. I like UGA to handle their business, and the 54.5 is a bit too high simply because I don’t know if GT will score at all. Let’s start with the UGA offense and what to expect from them. The Jackets give up 32.5 points per game as it is, and that’s against the ACC and the half assed talent in that conference. UGA could probably pick whatever number they want under 100 and get there, and we saw something similar in Notre Dame’s 55-0 rout of GT last weekend. I think they comfortably get to about 45 at least before taking their foot off the pedal. As for the UGA defense, good fucking luck scoring. Aside from a slight slip against Tennessee the Dawgs have been consistently unbeatable on that side of the field, and the only way for teams to score is something similar to what we saw from Charleston Southern, who put up 7 points on their own INT after a fumble. I think there’s a high chance of a shutout by UGA here, and even 7 isn’t enough to scare me away from giving up the 35. I think the line is the safer bet than the over because of that, and I’m taking Georgia to cover.

⛏️ PICK: Georgiaa -35

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Ohio State vs. Michigan, Sat Nov 27, 12:00pm (EST)

Let’s set aside all of the history and Jim Harbaugh for a second (yes, it’s A LOT to set aside, but humor me). What about this season tells you that this Michigan team is any good? Seriously. Their “best” wins are over Wisconsin when the Badgers couldn’t beat an egg with a blender and a close victory over a Penn State team that was falling apart at the seams. They blew their one big game against MSU who just lost by a bajillion to Ohio, and haven’t played anyone else even sniffing the playoffs. So, yeah, call me crazy but I just don’t see how the Wolverines have a prayer here. Aside from the nightmare performance against Oregon, the Buckeyes have gone on a path of destruction and CJ Stroud is playing up to (and maybe above) his potential as the buckeyes rattle off big win after big win. And by big, I mean the quantity of points, since Ohio State has won every game since that Oregon Loss on September 11 by 9+. I really want this to be a good game and I sort of hope to be wrong (not really, give me my money), but I think this is another blowout and I’ll gladly give up 8.5 on the Buckeyes.

⛏️ PICK: OSU -8.5

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Alabama vs. Auburn, Sat Nov 27, 3:30pm (EST)

How many times do I have to keep saying the same thing before the books listen to me (oh, they don’t read my articles? Well that’s rude…). Last week we bet the over on Alabama at an almost identical number because it simply doesn’t make sense to do anything else with a team averaging 44 points per game and conceding about 20. And, just as expected, the Tide scored 42 and gave up a boatload of points leading to an easy over. This week, I expect no different. Sure, Auburn is in a bit of a nightmare having lost 3 straight as golden boy Beau Nix continues to be a waste of space, but the Tide will put up 35+ because nobody other than Georgia can stop them, and Auburn will find some points through the air against an Alabama defense that is horrible at stopping the pass. It’s a big rivalry game and those can be cagey at times, but the style of play for these two doesn’t suggest either will slow the game down and I expect about the same result as last week, with maybe a few less points out of the Tigers then we got out of the Razorbacks. Look for the over to hit again comfortably.

⛏️ PICK: Total points OVER 56

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Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State, Sat Nov 27, 7:30pm (EST)

This may be the most interesting game of the weekend (depending on how you feel about Ohio State-Michigan), and it’s not necessarily an easy game to figure out. People are starting to get all warm and fuzzy about the Cowboys and their impressive defense, but their last 4 wins have been against teams that are barely functioning at a basic level, and things won’t be so easy against Oklahoma. And, speaking of “not easy,” Oklahoma pretty much embodies the term. They’ve flipped quarterbacks, won close games, and generally just failed to impress at any point in the season. But hey, both of these teams still have a decent shot at the playoff if they win out so this matchup is juicy. And, because I trust neither of these teams all that much, I’m riding the bonus points on the Sooners. Even if this game were closer to even on the line, I think Oklahoma would be the right play. They have a better QB (either of the two, regardless of who ends up in there, is more impressive than Sanders) and have higher overall talent from recruiting, which is an advantage because if they play their best they most likely win this game. With the 4.5 added points you also get the protection from a close game or a last second field goal as well, and that’s a huge advantage in a rivalry game with everything on the line. I’m not sold on this Oklahoma team, and I would be willing to bet (literally) that they run into trouble if they snake their way into the Playoff, but this game is one they handle. Yell Boomer Sooner until your lungs bleed.

⛏️ PICK: Oklahoma +4.5

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Notre Dame vs. Stanford, Sat Nov 27, 8:00pm (EST)

I swear to god I’m not trying to be lazy, but it probably seems that way. Because, just like with Alabama, we’re going to wash off last week’s bet and sell it as “brand new” all over again. I warned all of you that Notre Dame lives for these types of matchups, beating up on weak teams and tricking everyone into believing that some mediocre quarterback and Brian Kelly are going to lead the Irish back to the promised land. Right on cue, they beat Georgia Tech by 55 points, and now they’re back for a second helping (appropriate for Thanksgiving, I suppose) against the 3-8 Stanford Cardinal. You tell me how this game goes differently, because I just don’t see it. Aside from a bizarre win over Oregon that even Stanford can’t explain, this team has been awful both in and out of conference, has a -10 differential in points scored to conceded and has lost their last 3 games by 21+. Jack Coan is playing well enough to keep this Irish offense moving, and Stanford will continue to struggle on the other side of the ball against a defense giving up around 18 points per game. I think the Irish win big, and 19.5 isn’t enough to scare me off.

⛏️ PICK: Notre Dame -19.5

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