EPL 2021/22 Matchday 38 Soccer Betting Picks and Predictions

The sharpest soccer bettor on the net is back, with plays for the final set of English Premier League games this weekend, for Week 38 of the EPL.

Well, this is it. One last round of games to decide pretty much everything in the Premier League. It’s pretty rare that the title, UCL spots, AND relegation fight are still going into the final matchday of the season, but we got the trifecta this time around and it should be exciting as hell.

Unfortunately for me, I will be getting married the night before, so fighting my newly minted wife for 2 hours to watch soccer the next morning is going to be a bit of a struggle, but she knew she was getting a diehard fan and degenerate gambler when she agreed to marry me, so this is really her fault.

As for my personal interests, it all comes down to Spurs not losing against Norwich, the dead last team in the league who have already been relegated. Arsenal gifted us an opportunity for the final Champions League spot with a midweek performance against Newcastle that could generously be described as “an absolute disaster,” but Tottenham aren’t out of the woods yet.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never trust them for anything. That said, if they do manage to blow this, pray for me and my mental health. I’m not sure I’m mentally equipped to survive that battle.

On that pleasant note, picks!

Best EPL Betting Picks 2021-22

Crystal Palace vs. Man United: Sunday May 22, 11 AM EST

For some completely illogical and unknown reason (it’s actually logical, but just let me rant), I still have some amount of faith in this United side. Maybe it’s blind brand recognition or the power of Ronaldo, but I still trust them to come out and be decent enough to do the job at hand. What is that job?

Well, a win locks up Europa League matches which isn’t going to excite United fans but it’s about as good as they can hope for these days, and the money from that competition alone is enough reason to care. So why do I think they’re good enough, despite a completely inconsistent season.

Well, I’m not totally sure they are, but I do believe they’re capable of goals which is why we’re taking team total over 1.5 at +108. Palace have a Thursday makeup match which won’t do them any favors in terms of fresh legs, and United, despite their MANY defensive flaws, still score at a fairly high clip.

The Red Devils will know they need more than one to get all three points, and I doubt they come out and try to pack it in against Crystal Palace (mostly because their fans would fucking riot).

United find 2+ here, and the price is well worth it at positive odds.

Pick: United TT Over 1.5 (+108) - 2U


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EPL 2021-22 Final Day Parlay

Let’s have some fun. As I mentioned, almost all of the top teams have something to play for in the final matchweek, and they’re all playing mediocre (or worse) teams.

So, while there isn’t going to be a hell of a lot of value to betting on City or Liverpool to win, I’m going to round up a few team totals and go with a parlay (god forgive me for my sins) because I think each of the teams in the Top 4 right now eclipse the 2 goal mark.

City and Liverpool are fairly easy to explain; City need a win for the title and should find 2 against Villa easily, and the same can be said for Liverpool at home as they chase the tails of City.

As for Tottenham, they’re facing a Norwich side whose defense is sloppier than an overfilled cheesesteak, and Spurs should (please, please, please don’t make me regret this) find 2 themselves.

Chelsea are a slightly bigger wildcard with a Thursday fixture and nothing left to play for in their match, but even if they rotate their squad they should have enough talent to put two past a completely helpless Watford side who’ve lost 7 of their last 8 and are dropping to the Championship.

It’s a fun way to end the season and pull together a few games, while also getting a solid price on this bet at +178.

So long as we don’t see any red cards, I think this is well worth the price of admission.

Pick: City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs TTs Over 1.5 (+178) - 1U

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