Dimers Weekend Sweat - How to make the most of this week's promos


October 31, 2020 12:09 AM

With the MLB, NBA and NHL seasons nothing but a distant memory, there is a real black hole of sports for sports bettors, which makes our Weekend Sweat column more important than ever.

For the uninformed, The Weekend Sweat is your essential guide to beating the sportsbooks and cashing in on their more-than-generous promotions that they are currently throwing at users in order to stand out among the other books in this ultra-competitive world of sports betting. Rarely can you use the term ‘FREE MONEY’ but the results speak for themselves.

Last week we combed through all the best offers to profit an easy $146 for doing next to nothing, and it would have been more had it not been for the Cowboys’ pitiful performance against Washington.

With College and Pro Football now the only tickets in town, we’ve put together the best pigskin moves to make this weekend to “diversify yo bonds” and make bank.

Let’s goooooo!




The working week is over, the sun has risen and blessed us with another Saturday. We spend the morning ticking off the odd-jobs we’ve been given to us by our partners in order to accumulate enough brownie points to sit on the couch and watch Football all weekend without a single tinge of guilt. 

Here’s how we cash in and get this weekend off to a huge start:

The ‘book to join: BetRivers

How much do I put down? $50 for this play. New BetRivers users also get a deposit match, which means you get a bonus $50 just for signing up!

Join BetRivers here 👉INDIANAILLINOIS

What’s the play? The Dimers Quick Picks tells us the best value College play to make is Coastal Carolina -2.5 (-110) @ Georgia State, currently rated a 56.9% chance to cover the spread

Balance Check: When Coastal Carolina covers the spread we will have profited a tidy $45.50 for the evening to get things rolling.

The best thing, though, is that even if this play loses, we get that deposit match which means that this one is a free roll of the dice regardless.




A new day is here. We give thanks to the Lord for this beautiful Sunday in which he has gifted us 12 games of Pro Football to sink our teeth into. With such a big slate of games and money to be made there is not a second to waste.

The ‘book to join: PointsBet

How much do I put down? $25 

What’s the play? PointsBet are offering a money back offer for a 4-leg parlay. If one leg fails to win, we’ll get our stake back. So let’s build this thing out. Dimers Quick Picks tells us that the Bills ML (67% probability), Titans ML (68%) and Chiefs ML (94%) are good things to win. 

With our three safe legs in place, we’ll add a relative underdog that we can use as our anchor to boost the odds but also use as security to get our money back if it doesn’t win. We’ll go with Raiders ML (1.9% edge on the books) to beat the Browns. Cleveland has been a little shaky in the past two weeks and we’re happy to bet against them this week.

Join PointsBet here!

Balance Check: With our parlay built, we get some nice odds which would give us a payout of $93.46 for the afternoon, with the insurance of our money back if there is a shock loss.




It’s time for a nightcap. We’ve made some nice cash this weekend but let’s round it off with one more big win.

The ‘book to join: FanDuel

How much do I put down? $5 for this one which is going to give us our biggest payday of the weekend.

What’s the play? FanDuel are offering a 25/1 odds boost for the Eagles and Cowboys game on Sunday night. Both teams have been struggling, so finding a winner may seem tough, but we’re still reeling from the Dallas Cowboys and their lousy excuse for an offensive line, so we’re steering well clear of them for the rest of the season! DimersBOT gives this one to the Eagles ML (79% probability of winning)

Join FanDuel here!

Balance Check: As Philly celebrates victory, we’ve flipped $5 into $125, making a nice profit of $120 for the evening. 

The lights start to fade on another weekend but we’ve managed to take an $80 outlay and spread it across three books in order to get back a profit of $234! 

Godspeed Dimers’ crew. Happy betting, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and we’ll see you again next weekend!


The three sportsbooks👇

🤑 PointsBet
🤑 FanDuel