Dimers Weekend Sweat - How to make the most of this week's promos


December 10, 2020 10:25 PM

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found me. My name is Jason, but you might as well call me your fairy godmother of gambling because I’m going to make you very rich this weekend. 

If this is this first time you’ve stumbled across this column, welcome. The Weekend Sweat is my own weekly crusade where I find the biggest and best sportsbook promotional offers and put them together in a nice and neat package to GUARANTEE (yes, I said that right) that by Sunday night you have made a profit on your bets.

Whether you’re new to online sports betting or you’re an old timer, this is the best piece of reading you’ll see all week.

But hold up, let me answer the burning questions:

How can I guarantee a profit on sports gambling? Well, online sports betting is rather new to America, and every single sportsbook wants a piece of the action. But they need customers. They need you. So, in order to get YOU, they are all fighting against each other to give YOU the best promotions and offers to try to hook you in as a customer.

Why knowing this piece of information gives you an advantage over every other sports bettor in the country? Because if you diversify your bets across the sportsbooks, you cash in on offer after offer, spending little-to-no money while raking in free cash. No scams, no BS – just common sense.

Got it? Good. Let’s show you how to do this with our day-by-day weekend guide to riches.




The ‘book to use: PointsBet

How much do I put down? $25 is all we need to start us off.

What’s the play? If you’ve never heard of PointsBet before, you have now. It’s worth knowing them, too, because this week they’re offering a juicy College Football offer for the Purdue @ Indiana game. 

All we need to do is place a moneyline bet on who we think will win (Indiana obviously - they’re a 75% chance to win, according to our projections), and PointsBet will give us a bonus $6 in free bets for every touchdown scored.

Balance Check: There really is no limit to how much we can make on this one, but with the line currently sitting at Indiana -10.5, it could be a procession of TDs which means more $$$ for us!

Sign up to PointsBet here to lock in this offer!


The ‘book to use: BetMGM

How much do I put down? BetMGM offers a risk-free bet of up to $500 for new users, but for this one we only need to spend $1.

What’s the play? The King of Sportsbooks don’t miss on their weekend promos – they consistently come up with the best offers time and time again. This weekend they’re offering $100 back for a $1 moneyline bet on any of this week’s NFL games, as long as any team in the game scores a TD.

With that in mind, we’re going to put down our $1 on the Indianapolis Colts at odds of -152 against the Raiders. The Colts are a 63% chance of winning according to our projections.

Balance check: The result doesn’t matter here; just that there’s a TD scored - which has happened in every single NFL game so far this year. We’re walking away from here with a profit of $99 no matter what.

Sign up to BetMGM here to lock in this CRAZY offer!



The ‘book to use: William Hill

How much do I put down? This one is completely up to you, but if you use the Code DIMERS500 when you join William Hill you’ll get a 200% deposit match, up to $500. Example: Deposit $50, get $100 free and start betting with $150.

What’s the play? A biiiiig game for Sunday Night Football this week with Steelers @ Bills capping off a big weekend. We’re going to use our free bet on the Bills ML (-147) who we project to have a 59% chance of winning.

Balance check: We’re playing with house money here with the free bet upon deposit, so how much you bet is on you, but a $50 wager will net you back a profit of $34.

There you have it - another Weekend Sweat in the books. Told you I was going to make you rich.

Sign up to William Hill here to lock in your deposit match!

There you have it, folks, we've spent just $76 and we now have $220+ in our pockets!

The sportsbooks👇

🤑 PointsBet
🤑 BetMGM
🤑 William Hill

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