Dimers Weekend Sweat - How to make the most of this week's promos


October 23, 2020 5:24 AM

Not since Wilt Chamberlain’s 43-point, 28-rebound and 17-block effort in his first ever NBA game in 1959 has there been a better sporting debut than the Dimers’ Survival Guide column last week.

And we did it even easier than Wilt The Stilt playing against those undersized white guys named Bob and Neil from the 50s, too.

Bettors that came along with us for the ride last week will have a nice balance already in their accounts, profiting $374 from just a $56 outlay. 

This week we're looking to turn $52 into $245, with three simple bets, two of which being just $1 outlays!

We didn’t skip a beat last week, and we don’t plan on doing so this week either. Once again, the sportsbooks marinating the big promos for us to take advantage of with a huge weekend of World Series baseball as well as pro and college ball for us to lock on to. 

So, let’s do it! Here’s your weekend guide to score the cash:



The working week is drawing to a close. We apologize to our boss for not being able to attend the last few meetings of the day due to an already standing commitment with the Dimers Bet Hub to get an early jump on the best pro football plays of the weekend with “a big client from out of town”.

But before the pigskin flies all weekend, it’s time for the World Series; our first stop on the Choo Choo Moneymakin’ Train:

The ‘book? BetMGM

How much do I put down? You deposit $10, but this play is only going to cost us $1.That's right, 1 buck.

Not with BetMGM? Join here!

What’s the play? BetMGM are coming to the table with their crazy promos again for the World Series, offering a $100 bonus to anyone who places a $1 bet on the moneyline during Game 3 of the series between the Tampa Bay Rays and LA Dodgers, as long as there is a home run scored, we score $100 big ones! With nine homers already scored in the first two games of the series, this bet is a….. home run. Sorry.

Balance Check: Ahh yes, we’re well on our way. We’ve put together a nice $99 profit for next to nothing. We’re rollin’



We’ve woken up on the right side of the bed today. We don’t even care that our partner wants to spend the entire morning next to us on the couch looking up ideas on Pinterest to re-decorate the guest bedroom (“Ooooh, I really like this pastel pink, I think it would go great on our walls”).

Saturday is College day, and we’ve got a nice bankroll from Friday night as the weekend officially gets underway. Here’s how we run it back:

The ‘book? DraftKings

How much do I put down? $1. Yep, another $1 bet that can win us $100! Just note that when you do sign up to DraftKings, there's a minimum deposit of $5.

Join DraftKings here!

What’s the play? Like we said, it's College Ball day so that's where we'll be heading. New DraftKings users are being offered the chance to bet $1 and win $100 in the Michigan @ Minnesota game! Our DimersBOT has Michigan winning this one with a 57% probability so that's our suggested play.

Balance check: If Michigan salutes, we'll have another profitable day! We've laid down another buck and come away with another $100. This brings our total bankroll up to $200 from a $2 outlay.



The sports gambling business is pretty easy when you know what to do. We jump out of bed on Sunday with a spring in our step. There’s no time to waste today - it’s NFL Sunday! We spend the morning reading all the NFL betting previews on Dimers.com - today is the big day!

The ‘book? FanDuel

How much do I put down? This is entirely up to you. FanDuel currently has an offer going where your first bet (up to $1000) is risk-free, meaning if it loses, you get the money back!

What’s the play? We’re going to go with a slightly more modest $50 deposit, remembering that if we lose, we get the money straight back, so let’s consult Dimers’ Quick Picks to find ourselves the safest bet.

Our DimersBOT says the Cowboys to cover -1 against Washington (-110) has a huge 62% chance of happening based on 10,000 simulations, so we’re piling in with all $50 going on, knowing that a loss means we get it back anyway!

Not with FanDuel? Sign up here!

Balance Check: 

A profit of $45 back in our account if the Cowboys take down Washington brings us to a balance of $245 from just using risk-free bets, bonus bets and near can’t-lose promos with a total outlay of just $52!

A huge weekend finishes up with money, money, money (monehhhhhh). Hit the showers, regroup and we’ll see you again next weekend.