College Football Betting: Three Things To Know Heading Into Week 4 of the 2022 Season

Week 3 is over, and that might be the only nice thing I can say about it. By all accounts, it was one of the more boring slates of college football I can remember (unless you were very passionately watching App State-Troy for some unknown reason), and the only ranked team to lose was the 6 point underdog Miami Hurricanes. Shocking results and big headlines never made it into the equation, which doesn’t make for good television.

But, with consistent conference play approaching and match-ups with 45-point lines slowly fading into the distance, we can all be confident that the future is bright and filled with genuinely meaningful games. With that in mind, 3 things to know for Week 4!


1. Can Anyone Beat Georgia?

This is a pretty crazy thing to ask about a program known for disappointment and underperforming in big moments. Hell, even in their National Championship run last season they still managed to lay a fucking egg in the SEC Title Game. But, despite those historic failures, nothing about this team suggests that anyone is going to give them a challenge in the near future. Just ask Oregon if you want confirmation of that.

Sure, you can point to Tennessee, Kentucky, and even Florida as games that could be potential traps, but with the quality UGA has, particularly on defense, it’s hard to imagine any of those teams giving them a real test. Like last year, we may be waiting for the SEC Championship and a date with Alabama to find out just how dangerous they really are (and, like last year, it may simply depend on how far their diminutive QB can take them despite the fact that he can't see over his own offensive line…)

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2. How “Real” are the Best of the Rest

 It’s pretty unanimous that Georgia (see above), Alabama, and Ohio State are the best 3 teams in the country. The gap in talent is massive between those 3 big names and the slew of teams riding along behind them hoping for a slip up or to win the hearts of the CFP Committee for the fourth spot, but there are a few programs making a legitimate case for themselves so far, albeit with a limited resume.

Michigan, Clemson, Oklahoma, USC are all plugging along, producing big wins against mediocre to bad teams, but it’s hard to say whether any of them truly are in the same stratosphere. And, for some of those teams, we may not find out how good they actually are until one of them makes the playoffs. If last year’s Semi Finals taught us anything, it’s that being impressive outside of the SEC doesn’t always translate to legitimacy (looking at you, Michigan).

I think Clemson is probably the team to keep an eye on here as having a “real chance” if they make it to the Playoffs. Swinney still recruits with the best of them and their talent level is high enough to at least POTENTIALLY match up. But be weary of putting too much faith in any of these teams until you see them take on a Top 25 opponent.

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3. Will the Pac 12 Cannibalize Itself?

One of the best traditions in recent college football has been watching the Pac 12 implode over the course of the season as mediocre teams steal wins from the top contenders in the Conference. Utah and Oregon already did some damage to themselves with their non-conference performances, but you can always count on Washington St or Stanford to fuck everything up during Pac-12 Play.

This year we might be even more likely to see some form of mutual assured self destruction given the set of contenders. There are a handful of good-but-not-great teams in USC, Oregon, Utah and Washington who will probably take games from each other over the course of the season, and I can’t see any of them making it out alive. It will be enjoyable to watch if they do blow up their chances, but also enjoyable if one of these teams does survive for an inevitably soul crushing beatdown in the College Football Playoff. It’s really a win-win situation.

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