Billy Joe Saunders vs. Canelo Alvarez: Preview, Predictions, Odds and Bets For Every Fight


May 7, 2021 7:12 AM

Billy Joe Saunders and Saul Canelo Alvarez are set to face off this weekend, with the big fight taking place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, May 8.


We've gone through every fight, previewing each one to assist you in placing your bets on the night!

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Canelo Alvarez (55-1-2) v Saunders (30-0-0)

170 lbs 🥊

ODDS: Albarez -770, Saunders +450


Saunders (Hertfordshire, UK) stands 5’11”, is 31 years old and fights southpaw. Saunders is known to be a great counter puncher and spurts of flurries behind a ton of jabs being landed. What you don’t hear about much… his hip flexibility. The guy can dodge punches reminiscent of Mike Tyson, dropping those hips low to the ground while still being able to move side-to-side. His head movement and reaction times are just quick enough to avoid a multitude of punches coming at him from every angle.

Saunders hasn’t been fighting the “best of the bunch” for a few years now. His last big fights were both in 2017, when he beat out Willie Monroe Jr. with a unanimous decision and manhandled David Lemieux winning almost every round on every judge’s scorecard. This may be the biggest issue Saunders has to overcome early in the round, not having the experience of facing a quality opponent in about 3 years.

Canelo (Guadalajara, Mexico) stands 5’8”, is 30 years old and fights orthodox. Canelo is smooth, precise, strong, and quick. He’s the number 1 boxer for The Ring Magazine, Boxing Writers Association of America, Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and BoxRec… ESPN has him 2nd to Terence Crawford. His punches are consistently short, to-the-point and packed with enough power to make fighters think twice about throwing a punch… just ask Avni Yildirim (landed 11 punches in 3 rounds).

Canelo has fought some of boxing’s greats and upcoming stars. The fighters that have traditionally given Canelo issues were defensively proficient fighters (Floyd Mayweather and Daniel Jacobs) and a guy that goes by GGG who uses the jab, to success, more than most boxers.

This will be a match of styles and if Saunders can be loose at the hips with his great head movement, he’s got a real shot at upsetting Canelo in a 12-round bout.

Soto (18-1-0) v Takayama (32-8-0)

108 lbs 🥊

ODDS: Soto -1667, Takayama +675


Soto (San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico) stands 5’3”, is 24 years old and fights orthodox. Known for his power, Soto has finished 12 of his 19 opponents by way of KO. His most notable fight has been against Angel Acosta (22-2-0, 21 KOs) where he pummeled Acosta round after round until the fight was stopped by referee Thomas Taylor in the 12th just as Soto started to land devastating headshots. A 12th round stoppage is very rare to see and demonstrates Soto’s superior conditioning. Soto has some Manny in him, slipping straights and countering with a lunging right hand straight uppercut, consistently finding angles few other boxers find.

Takayama (Osaka, Japan) stands 5’2”, is 37 years old and fights orthodox. This will be Takayama’s 2nd fight in almost 5 years, the last one occurring December 27th, 2020. Once a bouncy and quick footed fighter, Takayama will have to show his age hasn’t hindered his ability to use his impeccable footwork against Soto. Takayama uses flurries and footwork to score as much as possible before having to jump out of arm’s reach. Takayama is not known for his stopping power, 12 of his 32 wins are by way of KO, so his conditioning and ring IQ will have to be on display to come away with a win.

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Conway (15-1-1) v Cissokho (12-0-0)

154 lbs 🥊

ODDS: Conway +270, Cissokho -400


Conway (Northampton, UK) stands 5’11”, is 25 years old and fights orthodox. He could be best described as a fundamentalist, he’s good at just about everything. He’s smooth, quick, has good defense and ring presence. The only real knock against Conway is his lack of stopping power. In his 15 wins, only 3 have come by way of KO. He goes at a moderate speed, choosing his spots with discipline and throwing flurries when opportunities present themselves.

Cissokho (from Dakar, Senegal residing in Bagnolet, France) stands 5’10”, is 29 years old and fights orthodox. Cissokho must have some stock in Chili’s restaurant because he is EATING boxer’s ribs up. Of his 12 wins, 8 have come from KO and of those 8 KOs, 1 boxer quit while standing up in the middle of the ring and 3 KOs have been from crushing body shots. Cissokho isn’t just powerful, he’s quick and relentless. His jab is always poking at the opponent like an annoying little brother poking you, annoying you, frustrating you… until you realize it’s a grown man and he’s just uppercut your diaphragm into your esophagus.

Sanchez (17-0-0) v Aguilera (21-10-0)

Heavyweight 🥊

ODDS: Sanchez -10000, Aguilera +1200


Sanchez (from Guantanamo, Cuba residing in Miami, FL) stands 6’4”, is 28 years old and fights orthodox. “The Cuban Flash” is much quicker than you’d expect of someone weighing around 230lbs and has the power to smack people around too. Sanchez fights like a bull, coming straight forward and, at times, can be seen loading up for a gargantuan overhand right. He doesn’t mind being on the inside, but he frequently uses his quickness-at-distance to his advantage.

Aguilera (From the Dominican Republic residing in Newburgh, NY) stands 6’3”, is 34 years old and fights orthodox. Aguilera has fights against some greats in Chris Arreola and Antonio Tarver under his belt, however he’s only had 2 fights since September 26th 2015. His last fight was in November of 2020 against Terrell Jamal Woods (24-46-8) where Aguilera won by unanimous decision. Aguilera likes to fight as a traditional heavyweight, bearing down on their opponent with their weight and fighting in a phone booth.

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Castro (2-0-0) v Macias (9-1-1)

130 lbs 🥊


Castro (Fresno, CA) stands 5’7”, is 21 years old and fights orthodox. Clay Guida (UFC Hall Of Famer) is who I think of watching Castro. Constantly moving, throwing punches in bunches, high energy and the difference being, besides two completely different combat sports, Castro has stones for hands. I guarantee a moment in this fight where Castro lands a right to the body and you’re gonna say “OMG” as you frantically cover your ribs… It’s gonna happen.

Macias (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico) stands at between 5’9” and 6’0” depending on what your reading/watching. Macias is 20 years old and fights orthodox. While Macias has the height advantage, his only loss (his corner stopped the fight in between rounds) came at the hands of 5’8” Angel Cruz. In general, Macias hasn’t won against anyone formidable and his only win over a fighter with a wining record was Arisayd Zamudio with a 1-0-1 record at the time.

Davis (2-0-0) v Antonio Meza (6-4-0)

135 lbs 🥊


Davis (Norfolk, VA) stands 5’9”, is 22 years old and fights orthodox. He was the 1st ranked amateur in the USA and 3rd in the world. Davis is touted as a future star in boxing and his 2 pro fights show evidence of that. He has KO’d both of his pro-opponents and does it with incredible hand speed and reaction time. Davis slips jabs with ease and is quickly on the counter.

Jose Antonio Meza (Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico) stands 5’11”, is 24 years old and fights orthodox. Meza is gritty fighter, always moving his feet side to side and rarely letting up with his jab. Meza has yet to be stopped in the ring and has gone the distance every fight, the exception being his 1 win by KO. Meza has decent reaction speed but he can find himself in the corner more often than a boxer should like and his hand speed is suspect.

Gomez Duran (19-2-1) v Wilson (11-2-1)

147 lbs 🥊


Duran (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) stands 5’9”, is 27 years old and fights orthodox. Of Duran’s 19 wins, 17 have come by way of KO. Duran fights like a predator, walking his opponent down, unafraid to take punches on the way inside in order to get his hands off. He has confidence in his power, but he isn’t a fighter that tries to end the fight on one blow. He will throw combinations walking in and while escaping.

Wilson (San Antonio, TX) stands 5’10”, is 29 years old and fights orthodox. Wilson knows how to use his overhand right and will use it in plethora if you let him. Not known for his stopping power, only 1 KO in his 11 wins, and only having faced primarily fighters with losing records (his 2 defeats come from fighters with a combined 20-1-0 record) Wilson is going to have a hard time imposing his will.

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Davis (1-0-0) v Marsalek (8-2-0)

140 lbs 🥊


Davis (Norfolk, VA) stands a towering 6’1” and only 24 years old. He’s a southpaw with hands that have some snap and KO’d Michael Honesto on a night that saw both fighters make their pro debut. In Davis’ only pro match (Honesto), he showed an ability to use his length and height to his advantage with counter left hooks and a constant peppering of straight rights/lefts. He didn’t show much head movement, but that may have been due to his sheer dominance over Honesto.

In contrast to Davis, Marsalek (Pardubice, Czech Republic) stands 5’8”, is 33 years old and normally fights at a heavier weight around 147 lbs. whereas Davis’ only pro fight was at 140 lbs. Marsalek has heavy hands and knows how to use them; 7 of his 8 wins have been by KO. Marsalek’s losses have both come by way of KO and it’s worth noting that at least one of those losses was against a southpaw fighter Florian Marku (8-0-1) who switched between orthodox and southpaw throughout the fight, ultimately knocking Marsalek down twice, both with the left hand.

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