Betting on the Super Bowl: Taking Advantage of the Big Game


February 7, 2021 8:40 AM

It's Super Bowl week and whether you're an experienced online bettor or completely new to the game, this is the best opportunity of the year to make the most of some ridiculous sportsbook offers.

All season long, the major sportsbooks around the country have provided football fans with big chances to make easy money and this week is definitely no different.

Here at Dimers, we like to take advantage of multiple sportsbook promos at once and highly recommend you do the same as early as possible.

Throughout the NFL season, we've opened many football fans' eyes to just how easy it is to take advantage of these offers, through our weekly article, The Weekend Sweat.

Each week, we pull together the best sportsbook offers to practically guarantee money (every week has seen a profit) with the highlights including turning $6 into $226 on Divisional Round weekend and turning $20 into $220 on the NBA!

This week's Super Bowl Sweat can be found right here and, boy, have we found some BIG ways to make money on the game!

Pro Tip: If you plan to throw some cash down on the Super Bowl, please be aware that the Sportsbooks will crash multiple times over that weekend. We advise that you register your account and username as soon as possible so as to avoid frustration on the day - it only takes a minute! Click here to review the best options 😇

As well as signing up early in the week to avoid missing out, the best way to enjoy Sunday is to sign up to multiple sportsbooks, not just one, to take advantage of the many offers available. This way you're giving yourself the biggest bankroll of free bets prior to the game and also ensuring a big overall profit once the game is done.

And again, do this ASAP so you beat the rush over the weekend when millions of Americans are trying to use their sportsbook apps and they inevitably crash under the pressure! 

Ready to join a Sportsbook and start betting online? We’ve listed the best available Welcome Offers for each legal betting state below.

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