Super Bowl LV - Every Team's Chances in Three Words or Less


January 5, 2021 11:03 PM

We’re down to fourteen teams with a chance at winning Super Bowl LV which means it’s time to dive into their chance, summarizing them all in three words or less!

The Chiefs and Packers are the teams with the bye this week and will be feeling good about their chances, but before they play, we have a MASSIVE weekend with six playoff games to sink our teeth into.

Check out our short preview for every playoff team πŸ‘‡


Kansas City Chiefs - Ones to beat πŸ†

The Chiefs are still the best team in the league and with their stars set to be well-rested by the time their next game comes around, they should get off to a hot start and keep it going.

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Green Bay Packers - Rodgers’ The Key πŸ”‘

Aaron Rodgers is going to win the MVP and if the Packers are to win the championship, it will be down to A-Rod and his receivers.

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New Orleans Saints - Kamara Covid Free? πŸ’ͺ

Last time we saw Alvin Kamara on the field was Christmas Day where he got in for a casual six TDs. But after testing positive for Coronavirus and missing last week, will he be at his best as the Saints make a push?

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Buffalo Bills - The Best Value πŸ’°

The Bills are cooking. Nine wins from the last ten has them entering the postseason in the best form in the NFL and at +1300 look the best value on the board right now.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Brady Could Surprise 🐐

TB12 reached 40 regular season TDs for the second time in his career last weekend and has one of the best receiving units he’s ever had. If anyone could win it from outside the top four favorites, it’s going to be a man that has won six Super Bowls.

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Seattle Seahawks - Let Russ Cook πŸ‘¨‍🍳

Russell Wilson was the prohibitive favorite for the MVP for a large part of this season and if he’s given the freedom that he had to start the season, the Seahawks could be very hard to stop.

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Baltimore Ravens - Point To Prove ☝️

The Ravens went down to the Titans 28-12 in last year’s Divisional Playoffs despite their QB being the MVP of the regular season.

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Pittsburgh Steelers - Burned Out? 😴

Big Ben and his Steelers started the season in red-hot form, winning their first ELEVEN games before falling off and finishing the season 12-4. They’ve looked tired in recent weeks but could the week off prove the difference?

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Los Angeles Rams - Not Good Enough πŸ‘Ž

The Rams have the best defensive player in the comp in Aaron Donald but with Jared Goff likely missing, they’re going to fall short.

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Tennessee Titans - Where’s The Defense? πŸ›‘οΈ

Derrick Henry has been in unbelievable form this season, clocking up his 2,000th rushing yard of the season last week, meaning that side of the team looks good. But without the defense clicking, the Titans will need to outgun their opponents for four games in a row.

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Indianapolis Colts - Could Cause Problems πŸ‘€

The Colts are a dangerous team and with rookie Jonathan Taylor getting it going in recent weeks, they could cause headaches for even the best teams in the comp.

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Cleveland Browns - Covid Strikes Again 😷

Just when they thought they’d seen the worst of it, coach Kevin Stefanski was hit with a positive Covid test. With the head coach, two more coaches and two players out, it’s likely going to be a bridge too far for the Browns in their first playoff appearance since 2002.

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Chicago Bears - No chance 😞

The Bears have been one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL this season but have managed a backdoor entry to the postseason despite falling to the Packers last week. Even if they get past the Saints this week, we can’t see a world in which they go much farther. 

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Washington Football Team - Making Up Numbers πŸ”’

The Washington Football Team are in the playoffs despite winning just six games. Basically, if they somehow get past Brady and the Bucs (they won’t) then they’ll be out the following week and we will be annoyed we didn’t get another week of TB12.

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