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They laughed at us when we told them we’d build an awesome betting community by providing OUR PICKS FOR FREE, until we did…

From no website, to a website littered with incredible betting tools. From no data, to LOTS of data, all modeled to find the best possible sports betting plays. From no community, to a prosperous and growing community of thriving sports bettors.

You want in? Let’s do this!

Who are we?

We’re just like you. We’re a passionate bunch of sports fans… who became an even more passionate bunch of sports bettors. And like all bettors, we started to obsess over everything from cashing tickets, to bet types, probabilities, variables, winners, losers, the highs, the lows, the process itself… literally, EVERYTHING.

But we didn’t stop there, we built a sports prediction model (known colloquially as DimersBOT) that helped us find the best plays. And when we knew we were on to something, we wanted to share it with the world. With sports fans just like us. Sports fans like you!

And so we created DIMERS... (cue the Curry dance)

What is Dimers?

Dimers is a sports betting hub that brings fans together to understand, enjoy and excel at sports betting. We mine sports data then simply present that information to give our community an edge.

It’s for passionate sports fans considering, curious about or already on their sports betting journey. We called it Dimers because, as you’d know, a ‘dime’ is an assist; a pass made to a teammate who then scores. It’s a move for the greater good. (You probably already knew that, right?)

So which one are we? Well, just like everyone in our community, we’re the teammate, we’re all teammates, we’re all ‘Dimers’ assisting each other on the path to glory!

Ready to get involved?

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  • Access to our proprietary Predictive Analytics Model for FREE to help inform each and every one of your wagers. Those sports listed above - we crunch 10,000 simulations of EVERY SINGLE GAME across all of them to predict the score and probabilities, props and more, and ultimately to find the best bets. Truly, we do that, and you’ll get the best bits in emails all week long 🆓 🤖

  • Find Edges in the market to bet with value. In short, the ‘Dimers edge’ is the difference between our analytics model’s probabilities vs. the probability indicated by the sportsbooks’ odds for that same outcome. We present these edges as a percentage %, making it simple for bettors to interpret and maximize their money 🔥

  • We help you bet with the Best Legal Sportsbooks. There’s so much to this, but to boil it down, we match the best sportsbooks to every one of our plays, and recommend how to take advantage of market promos day in, day out 🥇

  • Similarly, access exclusive Offers and Promos from the myriad of different partners we call our friends 🤑

  • Get alerted to New Feature Launches such as our Tournament and Bracket Simulators, Podcasts, Free to Play Games and more! 🚀

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  • Read Opinion Pieces on the world of sports betting in America from our network of sports betting content gurus! 🙏

  • Meet Prospector Sam and get his crazy view of the Dimers-verse, as he teases out golden nuggets and picks every week ⛏️

  • Stay up to date with industry news, and importantly, know when sports betting will go live in your state 💡


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What’s Inside?

You'll firstly get FIVE Sports Betting Guides filled with league-specific information for the beginner and intermediate sports bettors:

  • The Basics: How to place a Bet on the Spread, the Moneyline or the Over/Under in each respective sport.

  • Prop Plays: An introduction to Player Props, along with the most common props and bets for each sport and how to use Dimers’ data to maximize your plays.

  • Parlay Betting: An overview of the one of the most popular bet types, and how we recommend placing your parlay bets for each sport.

  • Betting Strategies: Our best strategies for betting including when to play the underdog or the favorite, finding value and more.

  • The Best Promos: There are dozens of promos every day, we'll show you how to cut through the noise and leverage your bets for each league.

As a bonus, and because you’ve come this far, you'll also receive our...

What's Inside?

This one’s comprehensive, the big daddy so-to-speak, featuring a collection of our most-read, detail-rich content from Dimers' Sports Betting 101. Get up to speed today, learning:

  • How to place your first online sports bet

  • How do risk-free bets work?

  • Why you need more than one sportsbook

  • Much, much more!

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