Welcome to Dimers Pro: CBB Tournament 2022

Welcome to Dimers Pro for the CBB Tournament 2022, the famous single-elimination College Basketball tourney that features 68 teams vying to win the national title.

The information on this page is for Dimers Pro subscribers. See our Dimers Pro pricing if you would like to join the community for the CBB Tournament 2022.

How does Dimers Pro work?

Dimers Pro helps you find the best value against the sportsbooks, by detecting the best bets to make and alerting you in real time, so you can maximize your winnings.

Dimers Pro requires each user to have an active Discord account. Discord is a free communication service used by millions of people to engage with their friends and communities. You can create a new Discord account here.

Remember to allow up to 24 hours for your Discord username to be validated and access to be provided to the members-only Dimers Pro channels. You will receive an email once your username has been validated.

Also make sure to update your notification settings for each channel and/or the category on Discord to suit your needs (we recommend getting notifications for all Dimers Pro channels, including Mobile Push Notifications).

Your Dimers Pro subscription for this year's big College Basketball tournament (taking place between March 15 and April 4) includes:

  • Unlimited access to our specially created Discord channels where Dimers Pro operates, including:
    • #🚨best-bets: Real-time alerts for recommended bets as soon as edges are identified in the market.
    • #🟒in-play: Live updates and win probabilities for each and every game of the tournament.
    • #πŸ’°promos: Alerts for CBB-related sportsbook promos for new and existing customers.
    • #πŸŽ‰giveaways: Exclusive competitions and prizes, including sportsbook and merchandise vouchers.
    • #πŸ€general-chat: Round-the-clock discussion with fellow members of the Dimers Pro community.
  • Full access to Dimers' exclusive bankroll management strategy, including recommended stakes and units to wager.
  • Plus, members who join before March 15 get full access to Dimers Pro for every CBB game ahead of the big tournament – for free!

How does the bankroll management strategy work?

One of the key benefits of Dimers Pro is full access to our exclusive bankroll management strategy, which includes recommended stakes and units to wager.

The plan is largely based on the Kelly Criterion – a mathematical formula that helps gamblers calculate what percentage of their money they should allocate to each bet. In other words, it helps to limit losses while maximizing gains.

Our stake management is based on a $1,000 bankroll, but you may choose to start with a bigger or smaller bankroll, and/or you may choose to bet 1/4, 1/2, double or triple the suggested units (or whatever you prefer). It ultimately depends on your personal risk tolerance.

Our win-loss record will be updated at the end of each day of the CBB Tournament 2022, and the strategy itself will be adjusted between rounds based on its success to that point.

How to Get the Best Odds

Dimers Pro is powered by the same advanced technology as, but the difference with Dimers Pro is we alert you in #🚨best-bets as soon as an edge in the market is found and we recommend a bet. That means you can beat the public – and the sportsbooks – to the punch.

To be clear, we do not put bets on for you or the group – that part is up to you.

To have the best chance of being a successful bettor, and to get the most of your Dimers Pro subscription, we highly recommend that you join the 5 sportsbooks we monitor 24/7 for Dimers Pro. They are:

If you are only a customer of 1 or 2 of the sportsbooks listed above, you are severely limiting your potential to maximize profitability. To put it simply, you're missing out – big time!

Because let's face it, the more sportsbooks you have accounts with, the more likely you are to get the best odds and lines.

For new customers, use the links on this page to the respective sportsbooks to get the best sign-up bonuses and welcome offers available in your state.

What is an edge?

At Dimers, we believe there's no bigger rush than using the power of advanced analytics and data to empower sports bettors.

Our trusted predictive analytics model simulates a single game 10,000 times to understand the range of outcomes, and how likely each of them is, updating in real time from the moment opening lines are released until the final buzzer.

An edge is the difference between Dimers' probabilities and the best odds available on the market.

For example, Dimers simulates every College Basketball game 10,000 times. If a team wins 6,350 of the 10,000 simulations, they are predicted to be a 63.5% chance of winning the game.

So, in theory, if both teams are -110 on the Moneyline, we would suggest betting the team with the 63.5% probability – that is an edge. This same formula is applied for Spread and Over/Under bets.

When we find an edge, we share it with you, with a recommended stake and sportsbook, so you can maximize your winnings.

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