Dimers Pro: Your Access to the Biggest and Best Betting Edges and Bets to Make

Registrations for Dimers Pro: CBB Tournament 2022 have now closed. Stay tuned for new Dimers Pro event announcements.

Dimers Pro

Dimers Pro is your access to our no-nonsense betting strategy for the world's biggest sporting events, delivered straight to you via our members-only Discord channels.

Dimers Pro is everything you love about Dimers.com, your trusted source for sports betting content, taken to the next level to maximize your winnings – all for just $19.99.


For each major event we feature, such as the annual CBB Tournament in March, Dimers Pro – through its exclusive Discord channels – gives you:

The best bets to make, straight from our advanced predictive analytics model. We monitor the sportsbooks' odds 24/7 and send you the bet, recommended stake and best odds as soon as value is detected. Remember to turn your notifications on!


Live in-play updates and probabilities for every game. We update our model at regular breaks in play and share the win probability and minimum odds we would bet for each team in Discord.

Why should I join Dimers Pro?

Based on trusted sports analytics, Dimers' in-house predictive analytics model uses 100s of data points and runs 10,000 simulations per game, updating in real time from the moment opening lines are released until the end of the game, to help you find the best value against the sportsbooks.


Dimers Pro usually bets against the opening line, before the sharps arrive. For example, during the 2022 men's CBB conference tournaments, we made 32% more profit (21.6u vs. 16.3u) betting the opening line vs. the closing line at BetMGM for all our selections.

Our model triggers as soon as odds are released. We then search all the bookies for the best price available on any bet with value. That's why the more sportsbooks you have accounts with, the more likely you are to maximize profitability, as you'll be ready to bet as soon as you get a Dimers Pro alert.


While Dimers.com as you know it will continue to provide picks, predictions, odds and more for FREE, Dimers Pro – through specially created Discord channels – is your opportunity to take on the sportsbooks with even more intel to make a winning bet.

And with Dimers Pro, there's no recurring payments and no subscription fees. Simply make a one-off payment for each Dimers Pro event that you want to sign up for. More events will be announced soon.

The one-off fee for each Dimers Pro event is $19.99 – yessir!

That's $19.99 for our best bets delivered to you in real time, recommended stakes (based on a $1,000 bankroll), in-play win probabilities for every game, and access to our members-only Discord channels to share intel, breaking news and odds as part of the Dimers Pro community.

Our mission at Dimers is to bring sports fans together and be the centerpiece of your online sports betting experience, which is why Dimers Pro is such great value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dimers Pro worth it?

Well, when you consider other services charge hundreds, if not thousands, for access to their own models and picks, we think Dimers Pro blows them away for a fraction of the price.

What is included with Dimers Pro?

For each Dimers Pro event, such as the annual CBB Tournament in March, you get access to specially created Discord channels, which provide real-time alerts for best bets as soon as edges are identified in the market, in-play updates and win probabilities for each and every game, a dedicated channel for event-related sportsbook promos for new and existing customers, and general chat with fellow members of the Dimers Pro community.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards.

Is the payment process secure?

Absolutely. We do not store credit card information on the site.

Our payments are powered by Stripe, a leading global payment processor, and all transactions take place on its secure servers.

Can I cancel at any time?

There is no long-term commitment with Dimers Pro. You simply make a one-off payment for each Dimers Pro event that you wish to sign up for. There are no refunds once you sign up for a Dimers Pro event. Terms and conditions apply.

Who can I contact for support?

If you have any additional questions, please email our support team at contact@dimers.com.

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